I woke up to the vibration of our behemoth vehicle thundering down an unfinished gravel road. I wasn’t sure where we were geographically. Physically I realized I was crammed into Cecilia’s bunk. Abby’s analogy homework pops into my mind in … Continue reading

TWO HUNDRED FORTY TWO…my new two favorite words


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My favorite word to date, is without a doubt “mommy”. When I hear that name come out of my children’s mouths, most of the time, it makes my heart swell. I have to add two more words to that list…brace yourselves… Continue reading

TWO HUNDRED…what the what?


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Sanity has come back to the Beaver! Hip Hip! Everyone, grab their favorite beverage and join me on the playground!! Continue reading

ONE HUNDRED TEN…left on Pride Avenue, Right on Reality Blvd.


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I had planned to get back into writing. It makes me feel so good. I gain clarity and peace of mind through writing. I am not claiming to be a true talent or anything, just that it helps maintain my … Continue reading