TWO HUNDRED TWENTY…paradise vs. reality


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In the wee hours of Monday, January 16th, we were all slowly waking up in our new existence. For the next week we are camping out just south of Tucson. We finally moved from paradise. It was time. We were ready. … Continue reading

TWO HUNDRED EIGHT…our own private island


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Just when we think we are unlucky when it comes to finding campsites on the west coast, we hit the mother load! If there is anything to take away from this post, it is to ALWAYS call!!! Continue reading

ONE HUNDRED NINETY FIVE…accepting blunders while postponing maturity


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Another day, another inanimate object destroyed! I just postponed maturity for another day. Continue reading

ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY SIX…warm breezy beach or cool snowy mountain


108 days on the road and there’s so much more to see. Feeling the love today folks. I am in love with our life choice. Continue reading