ONE HUNDRED NINE…i don’t want a stinky heart


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oh hell, I guess I’ll write a post.. I have been eavesdropping on my girls lately and I have heard some pretty funny stuff… Abby:  Phoebe, CC has a sweet heart. You have a stinky heart. Phoebe:  I don’t want a … Continue reading

NINETY-FIVE…new dreams


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We have turned a corner at the Spranger house. Cecilia has adopted a personality and she wants everyone in this house to know.  The above picture is a moment captured in a day in the life of Cecilia.  If Cecilia … Continue reading

FORTY-TWO…what the h…


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so here we are, in February hanging out at the park without jackets/hats running wild through the fields getting up close and personal and for others not quite close enough… On a side note:  Gregory Kenneth and I went to … Continue reading

FORTY-ONE…night-time at the asylum


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This is my life It was almost another craptastik day…I will spare you the details but suffice it to say, rain and all, I TRIED my very best to turn things around… ”hey lets play and let mommy take pictures” … Continue reading