TWO HUNDRED FIFTY EIGHT…renovation schmenovation…I made that up


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So this post is about our renovation project on the exterior of our home. It’s lengthy, probably long winded, annoyingly upbeat, sprinkled with pithy remarks and a quirky sense of humor, filled with strange stories, and oodles of pictures. When … Continue reading

TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-FOUR…early morning musings


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Morning contemplations: It was on a Scorching day early morning in July of 2004. I recall myself sitting on my lifeguarding post at Dolly Splash Country when the lead guard asked me (from across the wavepool) what I wanted for … Continue reading

TWO HUNDRED FIFTY ONE…cold white fluffy stuff


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Winter came early this year. Just as the weather was turning cold and all the beautiful leaves in their high definition color had fallen leaving naked branches exposed for everyone to see, I started to yearn for those elegant palm trees in our old backyard of Florida. And then it snowed. Continue reading



Who would be naive enough to drive 750 miles to a destination without having secured a place to stay? Only a rookie would have that kind of oversight. Continue reading

ONE HUNDRED THIRTY ONE…uh oh, did someone say road trip???


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We are channeling the Clampets on the road home from our three-week hiatus. We have stuffed the inside of our car with as much as we possibly can and we are heading home with a bed frame loosely attached to … Continue reading

ONE HUNDRED THIRTY…short and sweet


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It’s so easy for us to put everything down and dash away for the week. Or two weeks. Or in our current case, three weeks. It’s a lot of fun to be so flexible and mobile. We are on the … Continue reading