ONE HUNDRED SEVEN…desert vs dessert


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Sometimes when I’m having trouble sleeping, I sneak into Cecilia’s bunk and snuggle up with her. It usually works, but last night was a little different. Continue reading

EIGHTY-TWO…it’s all good


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When Abby was born, Greg and I had the brand new tv monitors. We placed it in her crib angling it perfectly so it would look right into that amazing little face. By the third night, we had to unplug … Continue reading



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It’s March 29th In other words, our baby girl is officially 8 months. How did that happen? It was a special day for Cecilia in another way as well, today she had her interview with the state early intervention system. … Continue reading

TWENTY-SIX…the big wind-down


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This week has been filled with appointments, therapies, grocery runs for last-minute forgotten items and more appointments as well as more therapies. And one very important unannounced visitor…eheem Uncle Rusty. I really must say with our growing list of doctors … Continue reading



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12.5 hours in the car with 2 toddlers, 1 infant, 1 golden retriever and 1 very determined driver… Her expression here pretty much sums up the trip home. I don’t want to see or hear from those mentioned above for … Continue reading

SIXTEEN…I want my own personal life soundtrack


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Vampire Weekend…another righteous band! I was driving to Knoxville with Miss Cecilia the other day and Vampire Weekend came on….I went from an, ‘I’m barely awake moment’ to an, ‘I want to dance out of my skin moment’. I get … Continue reading

TWELVE…spooktastic, spooktacular, spookteriffic!

I thought it was crazy, Halloween on a Monday night. We had a Halloween Party Saturday night, a perfect fall festival Sunday day and it truly felt like Halloween had come and gone.

Never-the-less, we welcomed the wonderful holiday and dressed for the occasion. Miss Bumble Bee and our little rainbow caterpillar tuckered out pretty quick.

Miss Ariel could have gone all night long…

She was so HILARIOUS…I remember last year at the tender age of 3, she wanted to go up to the houses all by herself. She did NOT want me to go with her! This year, she wanted to hold my hand, she wanted me to go up to the steps with her, she wanted me to ring the doorbell or knock on the door. I loved every minute of it, but as stated before, it was quite a change from the previous year. As we were walking up to one house, she looked at me with those BIG blue eyes and said, “mommy this house scares me, I don’t want to go.” At another home there were skeletons hanging from trees and she grabbed my hand and hid her eyes behind her hands and squealed. Oh these tender moments we share with our kids, they are soon to be gone and forgotten. Faded from our memory.

There’s my little bumble bee…kissing the dresser doors. Another moment I might soon forget…

I might forget that Miss Abby went through 3 costume changes before deciding on Ariel. I might forget that it took me 20 minutes to figure out that the bumble bee costume had a velcro ‘area’ which might make it easier to change a diaper, if such an act was needed. It was needed. The bumble bee costume was exposed to hazardous waste.

I might forget that Miss Cecilia looks extra ‘caterpillary’ with her hat on…but the 6-12 month caterpillar hat was WAY TOO BIG for her beautiful 3-6 month old head and WHILE WE ARE ON THE SUBJECT OF INAPPROPRIATE SIZES…Abby’s Little Mermaid dress specifically said ‘xs – 3-6’ and it looked like it could have been M-6-9. It was hanging off her sweet delicate little frame. Looking at this picture, with her arms above her head, I might have forgotten that little detail.

All these tiny little details…these little nuances…I want to remember these things about my children. I want to remember how I felt about buying Abby three separate costumes and allowing her to make up her own mind. I want to remember how reluctant Phoebe was about going up to someone’s house and the way she held on to me while she was wearing her body-hugging black velvet bumble bee costume. I want to remember how Miss Bumble Bee’s poor little yellow feathers rubbing off on EVERY THING made me giggle to myself! I want to remember how poop got on to her Halloween costume. I want to remember all of the sweet comments everyone made about my little caterpillar. In fact, I want to remember all the nice things everyone said about all of our little cast of characters. I want to remember all of these things. I am a mother now. The weight of that phrase can really sober one up. One day these amazing little people are going to grow up…and they are going to find something they are skilled in, good at or enjoy.

One day, us old folks might be welcoming their little families into our home for the weekend. When I share stories about their ‘mommy’s’ life, I hope I remember all of these wonderful little details. I hope we can all laugh about these silly things together. But for now, I want to spend as much time with them as I can. Get to know them. Hear them when they talk about their dreams. Sing with them…the way they want to sing ‘off key, making up new words and as loud as I possibly can’. Let them pick out their very own little outfits…even if they don’t match or are in the wrong season. Let them eat candy and sugar before dinner and as soon as they wake up in the morning. WAIT – did I really just write that?  Show them all of the opportunities that lay before them. LOVE THEM. Celebrate with them. Celebrate them.

It’s November. WOW. How did that happen?

NINE…yummy goodness

I was so excited when Miss Cecilia woke up at 5 am this morning! I ran up stairs, got her out of her crib, changed her little diaper, pulled down the covers on the spare bed and we climbed on in! We snuggled up so tight to one another. I thought I was going to try and go back to sleep, but she is so cute I just wanted to watch her. She is doing so many new things right now; she has been cooing and ahhing a lot lately…we are having our own private ooh and aah conversation

she has been bringing her hand up to her head – when she does this it looks as if she is carrying the weight of the world on her little 2.5 month old shoulders

she is locking eyes with me…so we are really ‘gazing’ into one another’s eyes right now, and she is beginning the belly laugh stage…so I find myself doing the strangest things in order to make her giggle.

Baby love.

I am knee deep in it folks!

So in love with Miss Cecilia!


THREE…sleeping babies


I love to peak on my girls when they are sleeping. They each look so different to me. And now I am going to let my freak flag fly high, I really love to get down close to their faces and smell their breaths.

Looking at Abby, I feel as if I get a glimpse of what she will look like three years from now. Her beautiful lily white skin with her pink cheeks and those full naturally red lips…so delicate yet so in your face.

I am able to see he with her mouth closed at least once during the day. Definitely a rare moment in this house. This little girl loves life. She explores her environment with everything she has. She touches everything, brings things to her nose so she can breathe in their inherent goodness, she is almost willing to taste any food at least once assuming her daddy and I aren’t pestering her to eat it, and she watches very intently with those beautiful blue eyes, and unfortunately for the two adults in the house she HEARS everything!

We have begun catching Howard Stern reruns at night. the phrase that best suits Abby is this: she wakes up talking and doesn’t stop until she falls asleep. The truth is, I am envious of her zest and energy for life. I could use more of that!


Then there’s Phoebe. Right from the start this little girl has been a great sleeper. Greg and I used to joke that she slept the firstyear of her life away. It certainly felt like it anyway. She sleeps exactly how she lives..purposefully and with her whole body! she is beautiful in every way.

Physically she had me in the palm of her hand with her cuddly little body, her sweet round face, those enormous hazel/green eyes, big red poutty lips and sweet pink cheeks.

I have a saying about all of our kids that deals with old school real sugar bubble gum and chewing them on my back teeth to get all those yummy flavors out…really letting the freak flag fly now! She has a sweet sensitive side about her…she really tries to savor things.

For instance, in the morning she wants to hang on just a little bit longer to the early morning hug, before life gets too busy, she really enjoys food and will linger around before and after mealtime to make sure she has sampled everything on the menu, she breaks down at the slightest raise in pitch when communicating with her, she’s careful and deliberate in her choices and if you give her space to let her make her own decisions, she’ll love you with everything she’s got!

Sweet Cecilia…the third girl. The baby sister.

The new ‘squeaker beeker’…she squeeks just like her big sister Phoebe did. Her arms are out from her body as are her little legs…it looks almost as if she might melt into the mattress. Mouth wide open with that sweet baby breath.

She longs to be held, cuddled, cooed to, sung to. Recently she’s all about smiling and laughing. Just another way she is making me fall in love with her!

I love my sleeping babies!