TWO HUNDRED FIFTY…the puppy post


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Bringing home new puppies doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. And amazingly enough, it’s been quite nice for us. Continue reading



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Toddlers are strong willed little people, but sweet Cecilia takes the term “strong willed” to a whole new level. Continue reading

ONE HUNDRED NINETY…contemplating mommyhood


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I have been lucky enough to have many mentally satisfying and physically challenging jobs. I have also had some really bad jobs. Even those jobs, I appreciate. They taught me something I still use today. But my most favorite job by far, is being a mother. I daresay it is the most mentally and emotionally challinging and physically straining jobs I have ever had. Continue reading

ONE HUNDRED FORTY FIVE…toddler inservice


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I went to dinner the other night with some girlfriends. We were having a nice chat, a glass of wine, and we were able to carry on a conversation without being interrupted. It was glorious. Then I noticed a family … Continue reading