TWO HUNDRED FIFTY ONE…cold white fluffy stuff


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Winter came early this year. Just as the weather was turning cold and all the beautiful leaves in their high definition color had fallen leaving naked branches exposed for everyone to see, I started to yearn for those elegant palm trees in our old backyard of Florida. And then it snowed. Continue reading

TWO HUNDRED FORTY NINE…narrowly escaping a craptastic day part 4


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My lovely innocent children are at it agin. Pushing their mother to the brink of insanity. Teetering on the edge, you never know what that last little push will be. Lucky for me, I narrowly escaped a craptastic day. Continue reading

FIFTY-FIVE…my little turtle


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I would like to preface this post by giving props to the band Two Door Cinema Club and their song, ‘something good can work’….makes me wanna dance like I haven’t changed 6 poopy diapers…like I haven’t swept/mopped my kitchen, dining … Continue reading