TWO HUNDRED THIRTY NINE…buffalo, moose, and bears oh my


1,390 miles 14 hours per day For 96 hours (a total of 4 days in case your like me and suck at math) On Highway 2 That’s right friends we made it A L A S K A The final … Continue reading

ONE HUNDRED SIX…and the UEL award


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Sometimes I feel so selfish for wanting an hour of peace and quiet. At what point do children want to be by themselves? Not that I’m longing for that day, far from it. But is an hour too much to ask? Don’t answer that! Continue reading

ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY ONE…my petal tips are turning brown


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Sometimes I see myself as a flower whose petals are solely dependent on outside factors for their healthy vibrant color. If that were the case, my petal tips are beginning to tarnish. Continue reading