TWO HUNDRED SEVENTEEN…synthetic fibrous dramas


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Recounting how close we came to the edge of an absolute toy disaster this afternoon. Continue reading

ONE HUNDRED FIFTY NINE…my roller coaster, I mean my life


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Right around Halloween is usually when our rollercoaster hits the very top of the highest peak¬†and heads for its rapid decent to the bottom otherwise known as the end of the year. And then all of a sudden¬†January begins and … Continue reading

ONE HUNDRED TWENTY ONE….dog beds and crafting do not mix


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I have one weeks worth of the most random photos I have ever taken… I hope you enjoy…I’m getting rid of my Pinterest account. It’s a reminder of all the cute fun crafty stuff I want to make but ultimately … Continue reading

EIGHTY-SIX…it’s Christmas for crying out loud


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I am so tired of finding Christmas tree ornaments strewn about the yard, dangling from the turn switch on a lamp, crammed into the crevice of the seating in our living room and lying broken underneath the couch. Why such … Continue reading