TWO HUNDRED FORTY TWO…my new two favorite words


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My favorite word to date, is without a doubt “mommy”. When I hear that name come out of my children’s mouths, most of the time, it makes my heart swell. I have to add two more words to that list…brace yourselves… Continue reading

ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY FIVE…watermelon, the potpourri of life


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Sometimes spilling an entire brand new watermelon on everything you own, can turn out to be a good thing. You just have to shift your perspective. Continue reading

NINETY-EIGHT…and we’re back


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I have a love/hate relationship with this face… I love that lip. It’s so adorable. But seeing her upset hurts my heart. But that lip!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!! Cecilia is still screaming…and working on getting on to her knees and … Continue reading