ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-TWO…I can’t wait to grow up one day


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I have issues. I want change. I like change. Right now I have to quench my desire for change with the weather and the seasons. But even that isn’t coming fast enough. I keep walking outside in the morning to see … Continue reading

ONE HUNDRED THIRTY…short and sweet


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It’s so easy for us to put everything down and dash away for the week. Or two weeks. Or in our current case, three weeks. It’s a lot of fun to be so flexible and mobile. We are on the … Continue reading

SIXTY-EIGHT…it’s official


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It’s official…Greg and I are grown-ups. I was in the garage when my best friend (Greggy of course) came to tell me some friends of ours are separated…getting the big ‘D’. It’s upsetting and it’s hard not to let it … Continue reading