ONE HUNDRED NINE…i don’t want a stinky heart


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oh hell, I guess I’ll write a post.. I have been eavesdropping on my girls lately and I have heard some pretty funny stuff… Abby:  Phoebe, CC has a sweet heart. You have a stinky heart. Phoebe:  I don’t want a … Continue reading



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I have reached a point in my life where, at a certain time of day, my brain stops working. 5:30 in the afternoon rolls around and I can’t seem to form a single intelligent sentence or thought, if I do … Continue reading

THIRTY-FIVE…I am not a prisoner. I am not a prisoner. But I am in a cave.


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I have the rare moment of starting over I had a whole post written, edited and was about to add pictures when lightning hit and knocked out our power. It’s the beginning of the ‘Big Winter Storm of 2012.’ I … Continue reading


It is Distraction Wednesday at the Spranger house.

I have so many things to get done today, but I am in my usual 2 p.m. funk…my  ‘I desperately need another cup of coffee’ funk.

Mid-day I always find myself getting tired and feeling as if I could immediately fall asleep if I laid my head down on a pillow. BUT I cannot. It is hump day Wednesday in the Spranger house.

July 4, 2010 Rebel #7 054

Phoebe our middle child who is a month shy of turning 2 receives speech therapy through Tennessee Early Intervention. We are beginning to combine her therapies with her new baby sister Cecilia. At our house today we have had her home speech therapist (whom we love!!!) at our house by 9 am working with Phoebe for 45 minutes following with Cecilia for another 45 minutes.

Then our Service Coordinator (also whom we love!!!) came by for a 6 month review for Phoebe and a review change for Cecilia at 12 noon. During both visits, Abby, who is also one month shy of turning 5 made several attempts ‘to get away’ with various things she knows I will disapprove of: standing on the end table of our couch, standing on the couch, hiding behind the plant, rough housing with Phoebe, being loud and generally avoiding any instruction I give.

I know the problem can either be one of two things or quite possibly both…1. I am not focusing all of my attention on her and/or 2. she may be bored.

Maybe here is where I need to mention we are homeschooling Abby. Again she is only 4, wasn’t old enough for Kindergarten anyway…and obviously didn’t make the cut-off time. I have been ‘schooling’ her since the age of 3…working on our colors, letters, shapes and talking about emotions.

During the spring and Summer we focused on phonics instruction and learning how to read as well as Kindergarten Math. She has been doing great…it was an everyday event and she was soaring.

Now, since Cecilia has joined our little family and Abby and Phoebe are attending a MDO (Moms Day Out) program, Cecilia has a lot of appointments I feel as if homeschooling is unfairly put on the back burner.

 There are those days where everything goes smoothly: I wake up before the kids, go for an early morning run, stretch, shower, have a cup of coffee, watch the news, greet sleepy faces, have everyone fed, dressed and groomed by 8:30…and the rest of the day goes just as smoothly. And for the most part, I am thinking to myself, “I can do this…I can do this everyday!”

Unfortunately those special days usually fall on a Friday…just as the week is coming to a close. Mondays are always hairy, Tuesday’s it’s a race to get the kids out the door and Phoebe has speech therapy in the afternoons, Wednesday’s everything is put on hold for the morning therapy sessions, Thursday’s again is a race to get the kids to MDO as well as to Phoebe’s speech therapy and then Abby has Ballet at 5 pm. Friday also known as ‘Free Day’ no appointments or anything to rush off to.

I know the weekends are coming so I am much more relaxed.

Why can’t everyday be like Friday?

I know I need to ‘rethink’ the whole homeschooling issue due to everything Miss Cecilia is going to need but Abby is doing so great I have a hard time letting go. People keep telling me ‘I won’t be able to homeschool given our current conditions’. A statement which may be more of a reality than I care to admit, the statement itself really gets under my skin…other people telling me what I CAN or CAN’T do, WILL or WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DO….It’s always been an issue with me.

It’s very limiting and I don’t do well with limits. I prefer people just be quietly supportive and let me figure things out on my own rather than tell me how ‘they believe’ I should live my life.

I am a 34-year-old woman capable of asking for advice if I need it. Maybe I leave myself open to other’s comments and opinions….maybe I appear to be out of control and in sore need of someone’s ‘guidance’. Whatever. I am feeling ‘glass is half empty’ today.

And before I know it, it is night-time. I have just fed Cecilia. Abby and Phoebe both had baths, hair washed, dried and BRUSHED, smelling sweet and sleeping in their footed pajamas that show off their big dinner bellies.

I have a moment to reflect on the busyness of the day. I look at some of the pictures I was able to capture throughout the day.

Life is not as hectic as it seems. Yes, sometimes we are rushing from one thing to another, sometimes we listen better than others, and sometimes DISTRACTIONS are a daily reality…but we are all happy, healthy, have a solid roof over our heads and most importantly we are all together.

Tomorrow will be a better day!!!

Here are some pictures of our ‘Distraction Wednesday’



Here, Cecilia is paying homage to the Sun Gods…she’s my kind of gal!