TWO HUNDRED FIFTY ONE…cold white fluffy stuff


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Winter came early this year. Just as the weather was turning cold and all the beautiful leaves in their high definition color had fallen leaving naked branches exposed for everyone to see, I started to yearn for those elegant palm trees in our old backyard of Florida. And then it snowed. Continue reading

TWO HUNDRED THIRTY FIVE…I blame it on the kerosene


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I have done a lot of “soul searching” and have come to the conclusion, almost every stupid decision made by me, can be traced back to Kerosene. So glad it’s Kerosene rather than something serious, like “poor judgement”. Whew. I solved that case pretty quick! Continue reading

ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY SIX…warm breezy beach or cool snowy mountain


108 days on the road and there’s so much more to see. Feeling the love today folks. I am in love with our life choice. Continue reading

ONE HUNDRED SIXTY FIVE…this southern girl is feeling appreciative


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Crisp cool evenings chilly air wafting through the house at night through the open windows the constant smell of freshly cut grass the constant sound of birds of different species singing to one another in all their different languages the … Continue reading

ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-TWO…I can’t wait to grow up one day


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I have issues. I want change. I like change. Right now I have to quench my desire for change with the weather and the seasons. But even that isn’t coming fast enough. I keep walking outside in the morning to see … Continue reading

ONE HUNDRED THIRTY TWO…we have located heaven on earth


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Just like Tennessee, when we headed to Michigan, I had a list of things I wanted our family to experience. And of course, staying 2 weeks didn’t allow us to do all of those things. So once again, I had … Continue reading

THIRTY-FIVE…I am not a prisoner. I am not a prisoner. But I am in a cave.


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I have the rare moment of starting over I had a whole post written, edited and was about to add pictures when lightning hit and knocked out our power. It’s the beginning of the ‘Big Winter Storm of 2012.’ I … Continue reading