TWO HUNDRED FIFTY SEVEN…a little kitchen renovation anyone?


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We’re no Chip and JoAnna. And I’m not crazy about modern day farm decor. But I did watch a ridiculous amount of their show on HGTVto get inspiration and ideas about how I wanted to use my “space”. We are 3/4ths of the way complete with our kitchen renovation and when that cold weather rolls in, I’m looking forward to finishing it!!! Continue reading

TWO HUNDRED FIFTY FIVE…confined. I mean, spring break.


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We are hold-up in our house. For us wanderers, it is extremely difficult to stay in one place for an extended amount of time. Our kids are back in school by the way. I pushed for them to go back … Continue reading



Always looking for the next thing to capture my attention. The next project. The next goal. I never stop wondering what’s around the corner. Continue reading

ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-TWO…I can’t wait to grow up one day


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I have issues. I want change. I like change. Right now I have to quench my desire for change with the weather and the seasons. But even that isn’t coming fast enough. I keep walking outside in the morning to see … Continue reading



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Today was filled with music and laughter…and poop. AND I couldn’t be happier. Go figure? Seriously, I think I changed 6 poop diapers between Phoebe and Cecilia. Not to mention I picked up Bear’s poop in the yard. There were … Continue reading