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We choose to live life in a “no holds barred” philosophy in our house. That includes but is not limited to all things concerning safety and physical activities. I Aim for moderation but, it never ends up that way. It’s just not our style. Continue reading

TWO HUNDRED FORTY ONE…6 year assessment


Cecilia Rae  It took me forty years to make it to Alaska and just a few weeks ago we celebrated Cecilia’s 6th birthday in Fairbanks. For her birthday we took her to the kid friendly Pioneer Park in Fairbanks. We … Continue reading

TWO HUNDRED THIRTY NINE…buffalo, moose, and bears oh my


1,390 miles 14 hours per day For 96 hours (a total of 4 days in case your like me and suck at math) On Highway 2 That’s right friends we made it A L A S K A The final … Continue reading

TWO HUNDRED NINE…you had me at “bookstore”


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If you can’t find anyone to go to the bookstore with you, we need to meet. I will always go to the bookstore with you. I will be there at the bookstore eagerly standing by ready to show my support…just let me finish browsing first. Continue reading

TWO HUNDRED…what the what?


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Sanity has come back to the Beaver! Hip Hip! Everyone, grab their favorite beverage and join me on the playground!! Continue reading