TWO HUNDRED FORTY ONE…6 year assessment


Cecilia Rae  It took me forty years to make it to Alaska and just a few weeks ago we celebrated Cecilia’s 6th birthday in Fairbanks. For her birthday we took her to the kid friendly Pioneer Park in Fairbanks. We … Continue reading

TWO HUNDRED FORTY…Aquamanning in Fairbanks


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A six-day stop over in Fairbanks to get our ducks in a row, celebrate Cecilia’s 6th birthday, and aquamanning for the first time since pregnancy. Our time in Fairbanks proves to be an important part of our journey. Continue reading



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4 am ramblings…or are they? You never know, they say “true genius”…I don’t know what they say. I’ve been up since 4 am, that’s what this post is about…what goes on in my mind at that ungodly hour. Continue reading

ONE HUNDRED FIFTY NINE…my roller coaster, I mean my life


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Right around Halloween is usually when our rollercoaster hits the very top of the highest peak¬†and heads for its rapid decent to the bottom otherwise known as the end of the year. And then all of a sudden¬†January begins and … Continue reading