TWO HUNDRED FIFTY EIGHT…renovation schmenovation…I made that up


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So this post is about our renovation project on the exterior of our home. It’s lengthy, probably long winded, annoyingly upbeat, sprinkled with pithy remarks and a quirky sense of humor, filled with strange stories, and oodles of pictures. When … Continue reading



I woke up to the vibration of our behemoth vehicle thundering down an unfinished gravel road. I wasn’t sure where we were geographically. Physically I realized I was crammed into Cecilia’s bunk. Abby’s analogy homework pops into my mind in … Continue reading

TWO HUNDRED FORTY TWO…my new two favorite words


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My favorite word to date, is without a doubt “mommy”. When I hear that name come out of my children’s mouths, most of the time, it makes my heart swell. I have to add two more words to that list…brace yourselves… Continue reading

TWO HUNDRED FORTY ONE…6 year assessment


Cecilia Rae  It took me forty years to make it to Alaska and just a few weeks ago we celebrated Cecilia’s 6th birthday in Fairbanks. For her birthday we took her to the kid friendly Pioneer Park in Fairbanks. We … Continue reading

TWO HUNDRED FORTY…Aquamanning in Fairbanks


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A six-day stop over in Fairbanks to get our ducks in a row, celebrate Cecilia’s 6th birthday, and aquamanning for the first time since pregnancy. Our time in Fairbanks proves to be an important part of our journey. Continue reading

TWO HUNDRED THIRTY NINE…buffalo, moose, and bears oh my


1,390 miles 14 hours per day For 96 hours (a total of 4 days in case your like me and suck at math) On Highway 2 That’s right friends we made it A L A S K A The final … Continue reading



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4 am ramblings…or are they? You never know, they say “true genius”…I don’t know what they say. I’ve been up since 4 am, that’s what this post is about…what goes on in my mind at that ungodly hour. Continue reading