TWO HUNDRED FIFTY NINE…deliverer of justice

I love listening to music. I am currently listening to Sylvan Esso. I’m crushing on their collaboration with Local Natives on the song Dark Days. It’s upbeat enough so it’s catchy but not in an annoying way. And low key enough without being depressing.

I had my normal 2 cups of coffee this morning and finished all the laundry, dishes, vacuuming and therefore treated myself to a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. My third cup of coffee for the day. My first pumpkin spice of the season.

I’ve written about my pumpkin spice latte issues before, but am afraid every year, I completely forget about my aversion to the amazing drink.

So, with my pumpkin spice in hand and the rediscovery of this mellow band, I’m doing everything I can to distract me from watching the news!

For the past couple of days, I’ve been doing some evaluation of our little inmates.

Greg and I, early on, developed little names for them. For instance, we have always referred to Abby as our little “Assessor”.

When she first approaches an unfamiliar situation, she stands on the perimeter and observes or assesses the situation. Judging by her previous actions, she appears to be internalizing what the dynamic of the group is, whether she feels comfortable putting herself out there, and of course, how she will best fit in.

It’s fascinating to watch a 3 year old step back from a group of laughing, running, boisterous children. A little girl just watching on the sidelines for 5/10 minutes. Eventually she will run in and busy herself filling that role to perfection.

Then there’s Phoebe. We refer to Phoebe as the “Deliverer of Justice”. We can always count on her to call out anyone who is being unfair or unkind, treating someone unjustly, and reminding others what they said or more to the point promised.

And because her memory is excellent, she has the ability to recall promises made for up to five years prior to the current year. You actually have to think before you speak with this child.

She will remind me today of the promise I made yesterday. The one where, in a vain effort to buy myself some time, I told her I would to take her to Five Below so she could purchase fun stuff to decorate her locker.

I’m trying to recall whether or not I used that powerful “P” word…PROMISE. I did. I used it. I remember hearing myself say it out loud and thinking to myself, “You know better than that! I must have been really tired, because I make a conscious effort NOT to use that word.”

And because of this gift, she also has that enviable ability to recall useful information in the middle of a heated debate. It’s impressive. She would make a good lawyer.

And then there’s Cecilia. We lovingly refer to her as our “Polite Dictator”. Everyone is always so impressed with her impeccable manners. Strangers always seem to be so amazed with children who end their demands with polite phrases like “Please” and “Thank you”.

So it’s not unusual to hear something like, “Mom, go get me pretzels now…please”. “Now put the pretzels right here…Thank you”. “I love you Mommy” which also manages to come across in kind an aggressive tone.

After we sit down at the dinner table, before we eat, Cecilia says the prayer. It used to be Phoebes job, but the Polite Dictator began overtaking the job a couple of years ago.

She aggressively gives thanks for the food and all but demands the good Lord bless everyone at the table and of course, Nana, Busha, Grandpa, Mrs Darci, Mr Yogurt (Gilbert is his real name but she has decided Yogurt is a better fit), Mrs Andrew and occasionally her aunts, uncles and cousins. On the days it’s short and sweat, its really cute. On the long and arduous prayer days, she’s trying to remember everyone she’s thankful for. On those days I just sit and watch the steam lift off our food.

And you don’t dare interrupt her or she will call you out and tell you to “Hush.” Phoebe has made the mistake of thinking Cecilia is finished with the prayer, picking up her utensil and beginning to ask a simple question when Cecilia opens her eyes with hands still pressed together in front of her and calmly but aggressively urges Phoebe, “Hush and be quiet. CC is praying. Thank you”. To which Phoebe immediately puts down her utensil and closes her eyes once again.

I pitty the person who makes the mistake of teasing CC. Just saying.

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