TWO HUNDRED FIFTY FIVE…confined. I mean, spring break.

We are hold-up in our house.

For us wanderers, it is extremely difficult to stay in one place for an extended amount of time.

Our kids are back in school by the way. I pushed for them to go back to school when I saw how daunting the kitchen renovation was going to be. Good thing too.

Kitchen is where we normally “school”. No way we could have survived all the “to do” stuff along with homeschooling 3 kids at varying levels.

Just no.

I think I counted 45 trips to the dump in which I was driving garbage around in our fire engine red trailer. Just me and good old Penny.

Here is a fun fact…

It’s a math related, so if it reads like foreign instructions, skip to the end:

45-60 minutes to fill up the trailer,

15 minutes of me (alone) trying and failing and trying…and failing a couple more times until I’m a sweaty truckers mouth ball of energy, to back up the jeep just so the ball would connect with the hitch,

15 minutes to get to the bank (need $$ to dump construction materials)

5 minutes to get to aforementioned dump,

30 minutes actually dump the stuff (my pink slip keeps a running time),

15 minutes to get home,

15 minutes for me to unhook the damn trailer cause it weighs a gazillion pounds and has wheels that like to turn in the opposite direction of the way I push it…not to mention it’s uphill. Only then making the assumption I don’t have to take another load,

a nice scalding hot 5 minute shower. Trust me, I’d like to take a nice scalding hot 30-45 minute shower, but our water heater was on its last leg and truthfully the only bathroom we have is honestly one of the scariest rooms I’ve ever been in. And that’s pretty damn bad considering my cousin used to lock me in my grandparents basement in the furnace room. Trust me. It’s on our future renovation list. The bathroom. Not my grandparents furnace room.

So about how much of my day was devoted to mine and Penny’s dump-run? After writing all of it down, I’m way too stressed out to calculate that algorithm but suffice it to say, it was a majority of my morning.

I don’t see any time in that equation for me to don my ever-patient-teaching-mom-hat, so school it was! And That’s how Penny and I became…

Dump Buddies.

Not Dump Bunnies like my autocorrect so helpfully suggests.

Dump Buddies.

Mostly I was the one doing the menial tasks during the week while Greg was working. So we definitely wouldn’t be where we are now if we had continued to homeschool.

But, here we are, 80% completion on the renovation, 75% of the way through our first year back to school and our 1st day of spring break.

And now, with the coronavirus, we can look forward to 2 more weeks at home.


We have been battling flu, strep throat, PND, allergies and sinusitis since Christmas. I’m ready for everyone to be healthy and mucus free. So I have no problems quarantining ourselves for a couple of weeks in an effort to eradicate germs.

At least that’s what I maniacally chanted to myself while in an upright fetal position after I received the district-wide voicemail.

Hopefully by April 3rd, everyone will be 100% and we won’t have to worry about infectious diseases when it’s time for our kiddos to go back to school.

In the meantime, I am constantly reminding myself how we used to do this 24-hours-with-your-kids thing.

How did I do this before?

How did I keep everyone productively busy? And the house in order? And the clothes collected, washed, dried, folded and put away? Penny’s needs taken care of? Floors mopped? Mopped?? Forget mopping, let’s just settle for clearing a path through the dust buffaloes that have all but taken over our modest home. And how about keeping those rooms clean? Fridge filled? Pantry stocked? Appointments scheduled and tracked?

Oh wait…we homeschooled.

There was only room for one of those daily goals to be accomplished. And trust me, in this house, none of the goals were willing to exist concurrently.

It was only one or none kind of mentality.

So, for now, I will have to do a tremendous amount of self-talking: reminding myself of how lucky we are to have our health; how I’m never going to get this time with them back; all of the house chores will absolutely be there tomorrow…waiting for me…cause let’s be honest, the clothes will mold and petrify but they will absolutely not wash themselves; …and how I will absolutely never, in a million years, go back to homeschooling.

But I write that in the most loving and positive way.

So…we are hold-up in our house.

It’s going to be great. The best ever.

4 thoughts on “TWO HUNDRED FIFTY FIVE…confined. I mean, spring break.

  1. Your girls are growing up! Your posts are always delightful to read. Enjoy your little back-to-homeschool time. You’re a pro at it anyway. 🙂

  2. I love the way you write… it sounds like our life (minus the home schooling bit)! We will need your guidance on that homeschooling thing too. The girls are growing up so much!

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