TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-FOUR…early morning musings

Morning contemplations: It was on a Scorching day early morning in July of 2004. I recall myself sitting on my lifeguarding post at Dolly Splash Country when the lead guard asked me (from across the wavepool) what I wanted for lunch. To be fair, the distance between the two of us, a whopping 10 feet, mixed in with the swath of people screaming and giggling, combined with the fifties music blaring on the surrounding speakers sprinkled throughout the park, and atrocious acoustics brought from being in a wide open OUTDOOR area existed to make me realize, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I was going to be an excellent candidate for hearing aids one day.

And it is with this thought I break my self-imposed internet silence.

I can always blame it on the “busy-ness” that comes with being a family of 5 and a puppy, living in a house that needs a lot of TLC. But in truth I just haven’t made it a priority. I’ve been off social media and anything interesting on the internet for months now. How did I do this before?

I’m trying to come back but it is proving to be more difficult as time goes on.

I am pleased to announce there have been minimal parenting fails in the months I have been absent. Otherwise it would have been very difficult for me to stay silent.

I do have a new family development to report: unfortunately we are a one dog family again. Bones had a nipping problem we weren’t able to reign in. Heartbroken and with plenty of reservation, we re-homed him in Traverse City, Michigan. I long for the morning when Cecilia wakes up and doesn’t immediately ask for “Bones and Penny”. Just hearing his name is akin to pouring salt in our gaping wound.

Abby, Phoebe and I are slowly adjusting to life with one dog between the three of us. I know Penny, our girl Boston terrier, was confused at first. Judging from her upbeat spirit in the past 3 days, it’s safe to say she has overcome her loneliness and has gladly moved into the realm of “one and only dog” with ease. She sat in my lap every time I donned my drivers cap on our 12 hour car ride from Michigan to Tennessee yesterday. Ive been spying on her contentedly stretched out frame between Abby and Phoebe during the night. Not to mention potty training has become substantially less chaotic. So, while it has been an adjustment, it’s not without its perks.

What does this have to do with my morning contemplation on hearing damage you may ask? I answer proudly with a happy, “absolutely nothing”.

And with that I wish you a happy July 18th friends!

It’s nice to be back

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