TWO HUNDRED THIRTY SIX…Irrational kitchen fears

If you were to visit us in our RV, I would most likely direct your attention to my most recent nemesis: the wall behind my kitchen sink. The wall only goes halfway up to the back. AND because this post is roughly about the undercarriage of my kitchen sink, I will be posting pictures of the girls enjoying a horse ride while visiting the amazing state of Utah…rather than my amazing home-making skills…or lack there-of.

I know what the RV designers were thinking, “Just in case someone needs to get to the pipes and hoses, we will leave this partial wall in the back so one will be able to get to the root of the problem.”

What they didn’t figure was that a typical human arm is not 3 feet in length from shoulder to elbow and then an extra 2.5 feet of length from elbow to phalanges…ultimately making “reaching to the back of the sink” a ridiculously impossible endeavor.

I have begun to refer to the space as ‘the black crevice abyss’ here on to be referred to as BCA.  I am missing a dust pan, an entire pack of dishwashing sponges, and 4 pieces out of my 6 pieces of my shop vac set.

I have already spent the $3.00 on a new dustpan and around the same amount on a collection of new and colorful sponges which have promised to make dishwashing more enjoyable. I refuse to replace the missing pieces of my shop vac.

I want answers.

Not unlike my last mystery of ‘the missing black yoga pants’ (which by the way, was the best $20 I have spent on myself in quite some time) keeping me up at night, the missing pieces of the shop-vac have kept me staring at the ceiling way beyond my normal 10 p.m. bedtime for the past week.

I want to reach back beyond the partial wall and feel around until I am able to find the missing items and bring them home. But once I open the doors, it is glaringly obvious my arm is a few feet shy of the appropriate length.

My brain then takes on the irrational fear of being in a dark basement, “What if I reach beyond the half wall and something grabs my hand, yanks it off my arm…and then not only am I out of 4 pieces of my 6 unit shop-vac, I don’t have a hand…AND there’s something living behind the partial wall with the ability to rip people’s hands off.”

I did state it was an irrational fear, correct?

I will continue to “self talk” until I work up enough courage to reach beyond to my comfort zone into the BCA and retrieve my lost items.

8 thoughts on “TWO HUNDRED THIRTY SIX…Irrational kitchen fears

    • Oh wow Camie!! You guys seem as nomadic as we are. I wasn’t expecting Utah to be as amazing, beautiful, and an all around cool state, but it is definitely in my top 5 states!! I fell in love with Utah!

      • We are pretty nomadic. I’m so glad you like Utah. It offers a lot, especially if you love the outdoors.

  1. The girls are getting bigger by the month!! So cool to see you all enjoying this chapter of life. I especially love the “I love horses” collage – perfectly captured a girl’s passion! Wishing you and your family well.

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