TWO HUNDRED THIRTY FOUR…ombrophobia vs. heliophobia

On the 10th of June we celebrated our one year anniversary of being on the RV full-time. How did we celebrate you ask? Well, just prepare yourself for the feelings of inadequacy that are sure to follow. We happened to be in Las Vegas at the time, because we really missed the color BROWN

234 e.jpg

and we were meeting up with my mom.

The second to last day of our visit with Nana (my mother) also our annual RV anniversary, we ended up in…




234 k.jpg

In 2017, we have experienced winter in Northern New Mexico where we ran into snow and frigid 30 degree temps in early March. Summer in Texas, spring in Mississippi and Louisiana, complete with full-blown pollen, Spring, again with the pollen and summer again in Vegas, fall in southern Utah, Summer again in midwestern Utah. All of the times we have experienced fall and spring, the pollen wreaks havoc on my sinuses. Experiencing PND every other week is not my idea of a good time, but everyone else blasted through the first year without too many health issues.

Yes of course, we visited some ER’s along the way and Urgent Cares for little things like ear drainage and broken bones…but nothing major that landed any of us in the “critical care” unit of any hospital.

And of course, when I write “summer” I don’t mean high 80’s. That would be way too easy. No, I mean summer as in triple digit highs.

Note exhibit A below:

234 f.jpgThe same goes for cold weather…it can’t be just low 50’s. That’s just not how the west rolls. It wouldn’t be the “wild west” if the frigid temperatures were anything but mid 30’s.

Note exhibit B below:

234 h.jpg

The temperatures began planning around our visits. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. We have begun to plan our visits to certain areas, around the temperatures.

There’s something awkward about that last sentence. 

Okay,  fast forward to June 10th, our one year anniversary.

234 l.jpg

As I wrote before, prepare yourselves for the awesomeness that I am about to unfold: we spent the anniversary of our living in 300 square feet for one full year in the Las Vegas ER!


Nailing it!


I know what your thinking, “Man, they must have gotten tanked!!” “Someone hit the mother-load!” “These peeps really know how to PARTAY!!” “I wish I could hang out with the Sprangers…they know how to celebrate!”

For those of you who might be impressed and might be reading this bog for the first time, go on and think that. You can stop reading now.



For those of you who know us a little better, you can continue reading below.

The second to last day of our visit with my mom, Cecilia came down with the flu and was the poster child for Montezuma’s Revenge…which of course caused her to become dehydrated so she needed to have fluids intravenously. Everyone else in the house followed Cecilia’s route. Except me…but of course, due to the pollen issues, I’ve been battling my own sinuses for the past 6 months. My poor mother went home from her “vacation” needing a “vacation”. But really, when we visit anyone, our whirlwind of a family usually leaves people completely exhausted.

234 j.jpgAs I wrote before, we have experienced all 4 seasons multiple times in the past six months and we are all over hot weather. We need some moderate temperatures and if we could manage to stay away from pollen just for a month, my sinuses would be so appreciative. It’s been so sunny I haven’t even taken my camera out. Pictures where everyone is squinting…

Note exhibit C below:

234 m.jpg…is just not my idea of a “classic story” moment I want to tell or even remember.

I need some cloudy days people! I need a good rain storm. What do these people have against cloudy days? The western half of the US is a bit ombrophobic…if you know what I mean. To my dear friend Stephanie, I now know what you mean when you longed for cloudy days and rain storms all those years of living in LA, and I’m there! I’m on the verge of developing the horrible dreaded heliophobia. If you are a victim of heliophobia, do not, I repeat DO NOT move out west.

234 c.jpgDue to the extreme temperatures we now find ourselves in we are travelling through Moab, Utah, my brain stopped working about an hour ago. I hope this blog makes sense. If not, there’s always next time.



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