I am so done with the desert.

I’ve sat down to write this post 20 times within the last month. I write for 20 minutes, proof-read, realize it’s just a bunch of crap, erase, minimize the screen, close my computer, put it to the side and walk away. I have reached a point in my negativity where pithy statements reign over being “creative”. Day after day, I just walk by the sexy sleek green-cased Apple computer and day-dream about the words flowing freely from my hand.

I set my camera down at the end of January and haven’t touched it since. I have zero motivation to take pictures of the girls for the umpteenth time standing or playing in the desert. But we are stuck here until the RV company can replace our broken jack. Yes, in case you were wondering, we have already had one of our 4 jacks repaired 1 month after we purchased the behemoth, so…..theres that.

As soon as they repair it, we are making a B-LINE to Texas. This southern girl is missing the feeling of plush grass beneath her feet, leaves on trees and the natural shade they provide (perfect for taking pictures mid-day), humidity in the air, gently rolling vibrant green hills, natural hospitality, bodies of water, occasional rainstorms, dreary grey days,  offensive religious billboards which challenge my personal beliefs, and the general color green.

It’s so bad right now, I have been pinning dream houses and dream yards with overly manicured lawns in my Pinterest account. No doubt, if I grew up in the desert, I would be totally enthralled. Being surrounded by trees, understandably might make me feel as if I were being encroached upon.  BUT, I was born and raised in the south…surrounded by trees and real grass. I feel too exposed in the desert…I like to play hide-and-seek with the sun. I love when it’s out in full force and we find shade to sit and take pictures in. There’s nowhere to hide here, no matter how much sunscreen I lather on, the sun just beats down on my skin and I can hear my skin aging rapidly.

I will take pictures again…one day. I desperately miss my camera…and writing. Needless to say, we have completed quite a bit of schoolwork and for once, I am proud to say, we are ahead of my schedule. So the desert has been good for us in that regard.

4 thoughts on “TWO HUNDRED TWENTY TWO…damn desert

  1. I hear you. Having grown up with four distinct seasons, it hasn’t been easy to live in desert places such as Arizona which look and feel much the same year round. Although I came to appreciate the unique beauty of the desert, I longed for a lot more grass and I never liked the cactus desertscape of front yards. Blah! I especially missed fall. No changing colors in the desert. Only short lived spring blooms. It was such a relief to move back to Utah and experience winter with snow again, and to see grass under the melting snow now makes me so happy!

    • I was totally into it when we arrived about 3 months ago. The cacti, the landscape, the perpetually sunny weather, cool breezy nights. There’s a lot of really great things about the desert. I took the girls to a playground yesterday and laid our blanket down on a shady spot of fake grass and damn near started crying right then and there. It’s just not the same. Glad you know where I’m coming from. I enjoy hearing your experience as well.

  2. Sorry about your blahs. Where in Texas are you going? There is quite a bit of desert there as well. You should check out the Davis Mountains and McDonald observatory. They are located in far west Texas.

    • Hey Tina!! Good to hear from you!! I replied to your comment a week ago, but I guess I messed up when hitting the “post comment” button. LOL. Thanks for the hints. I will check them out as soon as we’re out of here!

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