As usual Monday was bleak. Homeschooling with Abby and Phoebe did not go well, our living quarters was a mess, toys were EVERYWHERE, Cecilia had a potty accident on our bed, and the girls conveniently forgot to do the dishes.

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So, we are greeting Tuesday morning with a fresh new perspective. Everyone was able to get a good night sleep, it’s going to be 71 degrees today, we can do school outside, which by the way is going to be great, we are going to finish decorating our Christmas tree, and we are going to have a successful visit to the grocery store!

It’s going to be a great day dammit!

Every spring I get an itch to revamp my life. I desire newness. Whether it’s in the form of daily routine, schooling with the girls, new book, new hairstyle, new clothes, new perspective…it doesn’t matter. I just need a fresh start.

Spring has come early this year. Perhaps it’s the weather. It could be the perpetual sunny days of California living. Whatever the reason, this desire “new” is akin to the need for nesting when I’m pregnant. Maybe this is everyone’s reaction to spring. And before you correct me, yes I know we are in winter.

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I am in the middle of chilled temperatures as well. It gets down to the low 40’s in the evening and even though the temperatures rise during the day, it can be somewhat windy. And if you find yourself in the shade, it’s best to bring a light sweater or jacket, because even in 70 degree weather, it can get cold.

This “spring” has me wishing for a more tailored look. I can’t explain it…and honestly, I’ve never seen a camper wearing jeans, leopard flats, a string of pearls, and a tailored blazer. And with our current situation, I have no idea where I would wear those things. It’s not like we “dress up” to go out for dinner in Lake Havasu. If we were to drive to Henderson which is a little more upscale, I still wouldn’t dress up per se.

So my desire for “new” this year comes in the form of clothing.

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And there you have it. I am looking to change things up. The juxtaposition of adopting a more put together look while living in an RV seems like a little bit more effort than I need to put in at this moment.

We are still hanging in the southeastern desert of California. It is the 6th of December. In 4 days, we will celebrate our 6 month anniversary of being on the motor home. That went fast. Maybe I could dress up for that event. I can get the girls something snazzy and make Greg wear a nice pair of jeans with a casual sweater. I’m sure he would appreciate that.

Forging ahead! Happy Tuesday friends!!

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