TWO HUNDRED TWELVE…it’s finders keepers friday

I woke up this morning to the sun bouncing off the Colorado River right outside my bedside window and filling our bedroom with a light so strong it practically pushed me out of the bed. Pushed is too mild of a word. It shoved me out of bed! I’m feeling good today folks.

It’s Friday!

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It’s December!

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Christmas is right around the corner!

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My phone was buzzing something crazy this morning, with texts from my lovely sister who operates at a 10 right when she wakes up. It was 7:30 my time, so that’s 10:30 her time. She’s probably already had 3 shots of expresso. I had no hope to catch up to her energy level anyway, but after 3 shots of espresso, I definitely can’t hang. I’m working on it Lisa!

I am trying to be better about answering texts and phone calls! Cecilia keeps swiping my phone. On Wednesday she snuck it from the kitchen table and placed it in her super secret hiding place until Thursday night. We tried calling it several times, but it was low on batteries to begin with. I assumed, correctly as it turned out, she didn’t find an outlet to plug it in. I was ready to give up. I only found it, when I put her down for bedtime and discovered it in between the wall and the mattress. “No!” she screamed. HAHAHA!!! I WIN!!

5 points for parent, 3 for kid who did a remarkable job of hiding my phone.

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Going back to the subject of time, I truly believe we are on some sort of time zone line. If I take my phone to the front of the home on wheels, it is an hour later. When I am in our bedroom, it is an hour earlier. It is unbelievably confusing. If I check Greg’s phone, it is set to eastern standard time. The Jeep’s clock is set to Arizona time which is 2 hours behind eastern standard. So basically, the long incredibly drawn out point I am trying to make is that I along with never knowing the day and date, I am now never really sure what time it is…or what time zone we are operating in for that matter.

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But I am not going to let that stop me from having an amazing weekend!!!

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Happy Friday Everyone!

2 thoughts on “TWO HUNDRED TWELVE…it’s finders keepers friday

  1. What a talented hider! We caught our son hiding keys in the hole of a tree once! Luckily they were junk keys and locks. The time zone is funny. Have a fantastic weekend!

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