TWO HUNDRED FOUR…goodbye holiday hello birthdays

The Halloween holiday played out much like a Tim Burton movie…with the soundtrack accompaniment by the always brilliant Danny Elfman. If there was a composer for our lives, our composer would likely be Danny Elfman. Like the dog Frankenweenie, one Halloween festival would end or if your going by Abby’s definition, “the end of one festival was just like death”…and then 2 days later another one began and then death again…and then 2 days later another one on Halloween night and then death for the 3rd and final time. And just like Frankenweenie, the holiday will go down in the books as sweet, wonderful, memorable, and the dog died 3 times. Or was it just twice? Hmmm.

And just like that, the song went from a Danny Elfman original to Sum 41’s ‘Fat Lip’ at a decibel of 10. I came home after the 3rd and last festival and much like a whirlwind began whisking the scary decor down, throwing away candy wrappers, and cleaning the evidence of a sugarathon off their sweet faces.

It’s BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION time…gotta get ready

One holiday down, 2 birthdays coming up. I felt a smidge guilty when I shoved their costumes in a brown paper bag and stuffed them behind the couch…I gave it 3 days. If they asked for them, I couldn’t throw them away.  3 days came and went. No-one said a thing. Auf Wiedersehen (that’s goodbye in German, I just learned that) cute but overpriced, low quality costumes. Until we meet again next year and spend another exorbitant amount. I wish I had the energy to make the costumes like my friend Elena and George. They take their craft of making the most original and unique costumes to a whole other level. Their kids win costume competitions.

I’m so lazy.

I have a 9-year-old who is turning 10 on Sunday.

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How did that happen? How am I the mother of a 10-year-old. That’s double digits. In the past 3 weeks Abby Leigh has grown something crazy, like 4 inches. The overalls she begged me for a month ago are now way too tight on her and too short I might add.

She’s always had a great appetite. She’s an adventurous eater and has always been open to trying new things, but lately I can’t keep anything in the cabinets or refrigerator. Yesterday she went through a: bowl of cereal, banana, apple, yogurt, 2 hard-boiled eggs, a whole ham and swiss sandwich, 3 separate slices of ham, a pickle, string cheese, a bagel with cream cheese, vegetable chilli with cheese and sour cream, a small carton of blackberries, and topped it off with 2 graham crackers and glass of milk snack before bedtime.

Greg and I still joke that she is our “little string bean”. I miss the days of being able to devour everything in sight and not gaining even a half a pound because our metabolism works like a furnace quickly burning everything it can get a hold of for energy. I even forgot to mention the Halloween candy she quietly took while I wasn’t watching. Her bowl of candy mysteriously went from 3/4 full to 1/2 full between the hours of 7:oo a.m. and 8:30 p.m.

Where is all this food going?

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Last night, after dinner, Greg went to the fridge for a snack. He turned around with this annoyed look on his face and said, “Did you go shopping today? Where’s the food? We don’t have anything to eat in here.” My head almost exploded. I wanted to say, check your oldest child’s stomach.

I held my tongue.

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And then there’s Phoebe June whose turning 7. Her front teeth are growing in. Fast. I’m not ready. I love her scary pumpkin Halloween smile. Or as my friend Emily would say, “The windows in her smile are so sweet.”

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I want her to stay this age forever. She is one of the most interesting and unique individuals I have ever met. Sometimes I will just ask her a random question to see what will come out of her little mouth. Her voice is so high right now…and she has a Yoda-like quality about her when she speaks. Her vocal inflection as well as phrasing is so…atypical. I love that about her.

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She loves the song ‘I don’t feel like dancing’ from Scissor Sisters. When the song comes on, she assumes a squatting position…she then squats and shoots up for a full 180 degree turn into another squat. She just does that one move over and over again. I’ve never seen anyone dance like that. It’s great. I might start dancing like that. No…I’m not cool enough.

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Is it crazy that I enjoy the music my kids listen to? I am not going to confess to jamming out to ‘Good Time’ by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen. You won’t hear me, lover of Beach Fossils, Tycho and LCD Soundsystem, admit I can get down to some current version of NKOTB! Or Hansen for that matter. Back to one of my faves…Tycho on Pandora right now. Pretty much any of their songs are like gold for me.

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I am super pumped about their birthdays! I have everything ready…I wish we could celebrate a day early. This is the time living in an RV stinks a little…I usually take out their gifts at night when everyone has gone to bed and look at them. I try to imagine how they will play with them, what they will look like in them. I like to organize the outfits I have picked out, pair the tissue paper with the corresponding gift bag, and try to assess whether or not we need anything else to make the celebration complete. Can’t do that in a 300 square foot home on wheels. I had to pack up most of the presents in gift bags in the Target parking lot. Luckily, there were some nice ladies taking the time to stop and chit chat with me, “My grand-daughter loves that gift!” “Aren’t those the cutest pajamas?” “Cherish them at this age…it goes by so fast” I love nice people. Nice people and music have a lot in common. Both have the power to turn someones grey day to a sunshiny day on steroids. For now, all the gifts and decor are safely tucked under the beast. I will just have to use my imagination to do all the pairing of outfits and tissues with bags.

Oh, I have to get this out, otherwise it will be lost in the void…This afternoon I went to Whole Foods to order their birthday cakes. I ordered (2) 8 inch round cakes. Perfect sizes for us. For Phoebe it was easy; a strawberry shortcake. It was beautifully decorated and will look exceptional on her unicorn plates. Abby, I had a tough time with. I went back and forth from the 8 inch Key Lime Pie to the 8 inch Raspberry mouse cake. 20 minutes later, after the guy in the counter was silently cursing my name, I went with the Raspberry. It is a beautiful cake.

Sure enough when I got home, Greg mentioned Abby had, “disclosed the kind of cake she wanted…”

Key Lime Pie.

204 M (1 of 1).jpg


I quit.

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And on that note with the song ‘Home’ from the always salient LCD Soundsystem I bid you, my reader, Auf Wiedersehen.

Happy First Week of November.

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Loving the sass and that awesome head of hair.

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