TWO HUNDRED THREE…missing our furry side

….And it’s Monday again…

This weekend, we did a lot of soul-searching and talking as a family. We have come to a general consensus: We all desperately miss our Golden Retriever, Bear, who passed away last year.

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Four months ago, I had zero interest in bringing a dog with us on this journey. Especially after what Bear went through and consequently put us through on our first ever RV trip. It was safe to say Bear did not like riding in motor vehicles. If it moved, he was not interested.

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While we aren’t necessarily in the market for a dog, especially now with this tiny space, Abby did ask for a puppy for her birthday this year. And since her birthday is this weekend, I really had to put some thought into it. I miss going on our daily walks, cuddling on the couch, playing fetch, making his “dog area” nice and cozy, and the companionship of a dog.

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And then of course there is the whole potty training Cecilia ordeal. I will say, she almost went the entire weekend without an accident. Even if Cecilia is on her way to becoming potty trained, do I really want to start over with a puppy? Potty training, waking up in the wee hours of the night to let the dog out? Where are we going to put his food along with food bowl and water bowl? What are we going to do with it when we want to go out to dinner and the dog can’t come along? Where will the dog sleep? Taking the dog to the vet… So many things to think about. …

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We all still talk about Bear on a daily basis. The kids will say something like, “Remember when Bear used to…” we all have a good chuckle. One thing is for sure, we still have a hole in our hearts and our family puzzle is missing an important piece. He can never be replaced. He was the perfect dog for our family. And because of his gentle and affectionate temperament, we are sticking with the Golden Retriever breed when the time is right for our family.

I know the kids would be great with a dog. But for now, it’s too much responsibility.

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I’ve got to be the mean mom. The one who puts her foot down despite all the girls pleading, nagging, and promises to take sole responsibility for the dog.

When the time is right, it will be the first order of business.

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I almost forgot, Happy Halloween!

5 thoughts on “TWO HUNDRED THREE…missing our furry side

  1. Get a dog! You can’t the endless reasons to not get a dog but the truth is they provide unconditional love, convince you that you are a good singer, listen without judgment and provide peace to your soul. Turn of the Mommy No brain, don’t get a puppy – rescue and adult dog who will love you forever. Oh and come HOME! to Florida that is. You crazy people are missed!!!

  2. You can come over and enjoy Puppy Girl while you are here. She’s 7 and has very little hair and big ears. She is a “found” doggie. We live in the country where people often drop off their unwanted dogs to find “better” homes. PG lucked out. She crossed the busy country highway, rolled over on her back at my feet, and said, “Take me home with you.” After an hour of walking around the neighborhood looking for her real family, I did, and despite some stern rejection speeches from my husband. After a rocky start, she wrapped him around her little paws as well. It was great to meet you. I’d love to do a brief video of your “Because of Blogging” story. It is beautiful. You pictures here of your girls are adorable. I’m going to enjoy exploring your blog! 🙂

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