TWO HUNDRED…what the what?

My sanity, which left my side last week in Northern California, has finally returned. On Sunday we made it to sunny southern California. When we rolled into the campground mid-afternoon, after touring a bit of the town, both Greg and I were all, “Oh yeah, this feels right.” The campground boasts of a laundry room for moi, a really nice park for the kids, and a giant pool with a roomy jacuzzi for everyone.

We’re all so low-maintenance at this point.

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5 months and 15 days of being full-timers has a way of whittling down ones expectations. Honestly, after last week, I would have been fine to stay in the middle of a vacant field with zero hook-ups, no other souls or stores for miles, it was that bad. It really would have been far better than the crazy unmentionable town we visited.

5 months and 15 days…where did that time go?

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Today we are loving where we are.

It is perfect weather of cool temps (mid to high sixties) during the day and a cool breezy temps (low to high fifties)at night. My trusty spouse, being the genius he is, found a way to make his mini-window stay put at night so we can enjoy the fresh cool air crossing in his window and out mine while we sleep.

It’s glorious!

I am missing Mount Shasta and everything it offered our family. We were so productive. We were so inspired. It was for me, a quintessential moment in our adventures thus far and therefore a turning point. Our time spent in Mount Shasta is why we chose to embark on this adventure.

 And, in an effort to create our own Mount Shasta atmosphere in our current locale, we are staying put for Halloween. And since Abby and Phoebe’s birthdays are the weekend after next, we are attempting to cultivate a sense of normalcy for them.

Ah, the Holidays! Here they come, whether we’re ready or not.

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Speaking of normalcy, I daresay the girls have become quite the experts in playgrounds around the country…or at least the 12 states we have been in all together. I know within 5 minutes if a playground will stand the SST (Spranger Sisters Test) and whether or not we will be there for an extended period or worse, leaving shortly after we’ve arrived.

The park at our current campground passed with flying colors. The girls played and chased each other for 2 whole hours. Their wiggles needed to be expunged. And expunged they were! The girls played and I read my new book.

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I have added a book to my bi-monthly rotation…I am going to pass on mentioning the name, because it is somewhat offensive, but from the first 2 chapters, the gist I am receiving is this, “…If life was as smooth and happy as we wanted it to be ALL THE TIME, then no-one would ever be truly happy…we find happiness through struggles and suffering…” When the author writes about “suffering” it can be a wide range of things: small daily annoyances to a life-altering events. Yes I know, “Oh wow, how revolutionary…I never knew that suffering could open the door for someone to really come to know happiness.” It is somewhat cliché, but occasionally I need to read these things.

Because I (the BEAVER) occasionally forget. Yes I know, hard to believe.

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My point in bringing this unmentionable book up, is that with all of my grumblings last week about how “miserable” we all were, it really did open the door for us to see the beauty in our current situation. So, if I take a step back and gain some perspective, perhaps the “unmentionable town” played it’s part. It was in fact, just a moment in time. An infinitesimal blip on our radar. One week out of 626 weeks we have spent together as a family thus far. And, I might add, the girls had the pool in that unmentionable place all to themselves every day…and I recorded some fantastic memories there despite our my less-than-enthusiastic attitude.

While it is a good (albeit often annoying) thing our kids can and often do play everywhere we go, regardless of the equipment each locale may or may not have, the girls didn’t complain at all last week. Most likely because of the pool. One thing is for sure…pools and playgrounds, while not always available, sure help to pass the time! I am happy this week…and therefor back to my old, annoying, and bubbly self.

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Yet another lesson learned. I think we’re up to 6 now…maybe 7.

DAMN though, 5 months and 15 days?

What the what?

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