ONE HUNDRED NINETY FIVE…accepting blunders while postponing maturity

“Two jumps in a week I bet you think that’s pretty clever, don’t you boy”


Is this band capable of mediocrity? I don’t think so either.

And it is with this song in mind, I write this post…


I know what you’re thinking…”This lady and all of her crazy stories about her jacked up life choices and all of her little (or not-so-little) blunders…she’s just a mess…does she ever do anything right?”

Yes you are correct…I tend to write about my blunders more so than my amazing choices as a mom, wife and individual. It certainly seems as if my life is plagued for the strange and unusual. “I myself am, strange and unusual” thank you Lydia Deetze for giving me a reference point in one of my all-time favorite cinematic experiences from the 80’s.

Honestly, I think it’s all a matter of perspective. These little moments of silliness, mistakes, misunderstandings, miscommunication, redirection and blunders never cease to exist. It’s what intrigues me the most in life. I would rather write and likewise, read about the craziness life offers up on a platter instead of how awesome I am…although I do have moments of “OWNING IT“…but to me, those aren’t the fun stories.

One thing is clear, I will do damn near anything to prolong the inevitable “I am rapidly approaching 40 so I need to start acting and conducting myself in an adult-like manner” stage of life as long as I possibly can. The story I am about to share with you, is agood example of my efforts to prolong the descent into that inevitable abyss.

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Our Blue Ox Towing Box and how we destroyed it…or better yet…

How To Destroy Your Blue OX Towing Box

Yesterday afternoon we left Mount Shasta for the second time. It was rainy, cold, foggy and just an all around craptastic day. As we were ridding the campsite of the last evidence of our existence, we confirmed to one another we had finished our closing up duties and prepared for departure.


In an effort to avoid hooking up and detaching the car multiple times, we were driving separately to Redding so we could get an oil change in the RV. Cecilia was riding with me in the jeep, and the girls were riding with Greg in the Beast. After dropping off the home, everyone was going to climb in the Jeep so we could run errands. We weren’t even out of the parking space of the campground when Greg and I both hear this unbelievable BOOM…it sounded to me like an explosion…and it appeared to have come from our home.




Greg and I immediately stopped driving, threw on the parking brake and met up outside with that “OH HOLY EXPLETIVE” look on our faces…”What did we do now?”. We were looking all around trying to find the damage. It wasn’t until I looked under the RV that we located the source. The mangled evidence of the plastic 17 quart bucket containing our Blue Ox Towing  Kit.


Everyone in the campground emerged from their respective corners to see what all the commotion was about. The box, clearly unsalvageable, was laying in thousands of tiny shattered plastic pieces  and covering a radius of no less than 5 feet.


I have on word: embarrassing.


At least it was the plastic box and not our engine or heaven forbid something else internal. Although, with our luck, it wouldn’t have been surprising.

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luckily, the staff at the KOA, as always, were amazing. They laughed with us and repeatedly tried to refute our multiple apologies. After we picked up all the shrapnel, we bid the staff farewell for a thrid and final time and proceeded to make our way south.

On our drive, we found ourselves dialing in to each other to laugh about the new ridiculous situation we had just been through together. The loud BOOM kept replaying in my mind and I began to imagine what the box must have looked like buckling under the weight of 20,000 pounds of The Spranger Existence.



The mere thought issues a guttural response: I spit out my red wine all over Greg when he brought it up last night as we were wrapping up our day. Just more evidence of how I put-off maturity. You can do it too…continue to laugh at everything, no matter how juvenile.

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Among travelling and seeing the US, these little blunders are another reason I wanted to do this journey. I love these tales of absurd situations we continually find ourselves in. We are victims of our own mishaps. Victims of stories too ostentatious and absurd not to tell.


Until our next blunder…which knowing us, will be any minute now, have a wonderful weekend. Halloween is a mere 2.5 weeks away. Abby and Phoebe’s birthdays are 3 weeks away, the Presidential Election 2 days after their birthdays, then comes Thanksgiving, Christmas, my 40th Birthday which is 79 days away and Greg’s 42 Birthday 89 days away. We just don’t have enough day-to-day chaos we need to pile on the stressors of upcoming holidays and birthdays. One thing is for sure, there will be some pretty entertaining stories to share!

We are ready!


And there’s my perspective on this particular event. This humorous little moment of a blunder made yesterday afternoon. Just for another day, I managed to postpone maturity…

“don’t leave me high…don’t leave me dry”

Thank you Radiohead.

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