ONE HUNDRED NINETY TWO…volcanos and pools



“Lets eat breakfast at a diner, take a drive up to Lassen Volcanic National Park, do some hiking and exploring, and on our way back swing by In and Out Burger”says Greg…way too enthusiastically for that early morning hour. Sounded good to me: diner food, mid-day hiking around a volcano (which is still active by the way), and a great burger for dinner are all things I could do that day.

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Our drive up 8,300 feet to Bumpass Hell, a boiling (pit of despair) geothermal hot springs was amazing. I must say, driving 8,300 feet north, it never occurred to me it might be cold. Very cold, windy and very cold. Did I say that already? Cecilia and I were not dressed for a 1 mile hike. Sadly we were not even dressed to stand outside and view the beauty surrounding us. Greg took the girls on the trail while Cecilia and I stayed in the car where we had control of the heat.

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Of course, I cannot share pictures of the volcano or our family on the volcano with you. I brought my camera but naturally, I forgot my sim card. So instead I am sharing pictures of the girls enjoying a warm fall day in a heated pool this past weekend. Which is in no way related to this story.

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In case you were wondering, I am still missing Mount Shasta.

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