ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY SEVEN…Friday, what took you so long?

It’s finally Friday. There’s always a collective sigh from everyone when Friday arrives. The kids are excited to wrap up school for the week. Cecilia is excited to have both parents at her beck-and-call. I am excited to have my partner in crime by my side all day. In turn, he is excited to be off from work.

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If only I could transfer my relaxed feelings on Friday to Monday and Tuesday, I think know we could be more efficient with our time.

But what fun would that be?

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Always making the most out of the time you’ve been given. Waking up on Monday morning and knowing exactly what to do.  Not having to wade through the cobwebs in my head. Bouncing out of bed as if I’ve had the best most restorative sleep. Eager to start my Monday.

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It’s far more interesting to wake up wondering where we are…both geographically and bedroom-wise. Wondering what time it is and wishing for just one more hour of that restorative sleep I mentioned above. Dreading the start of the day.

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That’s way more fun.

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But It’s Friday and 5 am. whether or not I was ready to wake up at this unfortunate hour or not, Cecilia was ready. And because of the 300 square foot space and our layout, we are confined to the bed in our bedroom. I turned on a little show for her, hoping to buy myself more sleep time. I was well on my way to snooze town, when I feel ice-cold water bleeding through my t-shirt and making its way to my bare skin. Next time I wake up in the middle of the night to grab a drink, just leave the half-consumed glass in the kitchen sink. No more ice water on my  mini bedside table. That’s when I knew. It’s really difficult to be upset on a Friday.

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The one redeeming quality of waking up at this ungodly hour and being drenched in ice-cold water, is that it is FRIDAY! Glorious Friday…what took you so long?

5 thoughts on “ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY SEVEN…Friday, what took you so long?

  1. I’ve been binge reading your posts this morning. My Sunday morning joy with my cup of coffee. What amazing memories you are making. Carry on and keep me posted. I haven’t had this much fun in weeks!

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