ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY FIVE…watermelon, the potpourri of life

I have serendipitously discovered something huge. For my whole adult life I have been burning candles in my kitchen. Mostly because they smell amazing, but there’s also the soothing lull of the candle flickering in the background. It makes me feel calm.


I chose not to bring candles into the RV purposefully. My philosophy in life, especially lately seems to be, “If something can go wrong, it probably will”. When we began concocting this whole “lifestyle choice” I had a daymare (instead of a nightmare). Daymares usually happen for me during the day, when I am wide awake and usually folding clothes or procrastinating. When we were moving ou of our home, I was packing up our kitchen and the last item to go in the moving box was my favorite candle; the one smelling of cotton I had bought time and time again from my local Publix Grocery store. I can smell it even now. This particular daymare involved my cotton smelling candle, Cecilia, and her curiosity, which didn’t turn out well. That’s all I needed. The deal was sealed. Absolutely no candles. I can live with that.

So I was wondering how to keep the home on wheels nice, clean and smelling fresh. I have tried the mixture of blue dawn dish soap along with vinegar and water which is fine for cleaning but doesn’t really give it the overall aroma I was hoping for.

Well imagine how surprised I was to find out that spilling an entire watermelon on your floor will give you just the right amount of freshness you’ve been craving. That’s right folks yesterday afternoon, this mama came home with the biggest watermelon I could find. I had it in my brain this was the perfect day and location for watermelon.  A watermelon for dessert in California? Who wouldn’t love that? I lugged it into the abode, cut it in half and went to work on what was to be THE BEST DESSERT EVER!!!!

Our Polite Dictator stomped in and demanded her milk in her usual aggressive tone while adding  “PLEASE” to her order. I sent her off to the back bedroom for her speech therapy video session. As I stepped back to my watermelon I put a little bit of my body weight onto the cutting board to steady myself. Much to my surprise, the board was hanging off the counter just enough for the board to flip-up, smack me in the chest and splat all over the place.


After I changed my clothes, I came into the kitchen to begin cleaning up the mess I made. I got everything picked up and washed the floor and most of the seating in our kitchen with hot soapy water. Damn that watermelon was juicy. An hour later, I am still happily amazed at the smell of fresh watermelon. So now I know. If I’m ever desiring that clean fresh smell, the answer doesn’t lie in my most favorite Publix grocery store candle of fresh cotton, but a large piece of fruit oozing with juices smeared on most everything I own. Making the mental note now!!! I’m nailing this mom thing!! On the flip side (pun intended), I did find an all-natural way to freshen up the smell of our home on wheels. As Phoebe would say “BOOM! NAILING IT!

After all the effort of cleaning up dessert, the last thing I wanted to do was clean the kitchen after making dinner. We ended up eating dinner out.

There is always tomorrow.

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