ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY FOUR…seeking stability within mobility

So…we are in Northern California for the next couple of weeks.

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Our amateur status strikes again. Camping season in coastal Oregon and Washington are peaking this time of year. I thought it would have died down significantly after labor day, but I was wrong. We were having so many issues finding a campsite we could stay in for more than 3 days.

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Moving around is great. But my favorite part of this journey so far, is to immerse myself in the towns and get an idea of how these people go about their everyday lives. It is very difficult to really get to know a place when you’re trying to call around in order to secure a campground for the next time we have to move. I desire and require (for sanity reasons) and Greg agrees with me, stability within mobility. It’s nice to commit to a place for at least 2 weeks. Oregon couldn’t offer that at this time so we are just going to hang here until October and then head north again to give it another go. We both feel there is so much more to see and explore.

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So we’ve been on the west coast now for 3 weeks…maybe 4.  I have to say, I can’t help but feel that I am cheating at life somehow. Being on the west coast puts us into the pacific coast time zone. I assume it’s psychological on my part, but I cannot shake the feeling that I have a leg up on all of my family and friends living in the eastern standard time zone. For example, I ordered a pair of shoes and had them shipped to the campsite. On the east coast, packages wouldn’t arrive until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. When your on the west coast, packages come at the 11 am hour. For me, that’s reason enough. “Reason enough” for what I don’t know, but it just felt like the correct thing to write in that moment.

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Another example, around 2:30 in the afternoon when I normally feed the kids an afternoon snack and then put Cecilia down for a nap…Greg is getting off work. Because he begins working the moment he wakes up at 6 by 2:30 he has already completed his 9 to 5 job. It’s like having a whole new lease on life. Getting to hang with my best bud at 2:30 everyday only means I can mentally clock out WAY before my usual 5:30 hour. Please people, I am joking! Sort of. But seriously, we use that time for field trips to Mt. St. Helen’s in Washington, Crater Lake in Oregon, or the mystical Mount Shasta in the perpetually sunny California.

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You want another example?

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How about this, I love waking up and seeing a text from my mom or my friend Elena at 7 am reading how they have already lived half their day (sorry Elena…don’t stop texting me at 7 am) and put out small fires (that’s for you ginger) that erupt between little inmates (or children as some people refer to them) all morning long. And then of course when I text Elena at 3 pm just to make sure it really is 5 pm somewhere…I always get a “hell yeah Biyacth!”

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 I woke up to a funny sound on my phone this morning.  It made me smile to see Ava, Lydia, and Gabriel (our kids best friends from Florida who are also homeschooled…which is why they are able to call at 10 eastern time…Elena, don’t tell your kids to stop please…I really do love it) calling to snapchat with them at 7 in the morning. I smiled and thought, “Should I turn up the heat before I snooze for another hour? It did get down to the 40’s last night.” I then proceeded to roll over and conclude my beautiful dream where I am having dinner with Goldie Hawn and Big Bird (cause we watch a lot of Sesame St I am assuming…I don’t normally dream about Big Bird) We were solving the worlds problems over pizza. Big Bird had some very insightful opinions I recall. He is so wise.

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Of course, an hour later, the girls called their friends back and spent an hour making silly faces, singing to each other, making farting and pooping noises, and coaxing their baby sisters into doing funny things. I feel like being 3 hours behind somehow allots more hours in the day for me. Even though I stick basically to the same scehdule I always have. Still though, 3 hours is a significant amount of time. I can’t wait for daylight savings time this year!!

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