ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY TWO…eat, drive, pee…repeat

Ask and you shall receive. I asked…more like begged, for us to get our RV back…and low and behold, the very next day our RV was returned.

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We visited our storage unit one more time and headed 45 miles south of Greeneville to claim our belongings. It was time to head west. The ultimate destination was Oregon. We have been trying to head to Oregon since June…but life and doctors appointments kept pushing our plans to another week, then another couple of weeks, then one more month and finally one MORE month. It was a true test of patience for me, but at least we were around family who genuinely cared for and enjoyed our company.

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We left at the end of Greg’s workday on Wednesday. When we walked into our home on wheels, there was a collective sigh from everyone. A thankful release of pent-up air to be surrounded by our things once again. We fixed ourselves little dinners from the groceries I had just bought and each of us separated into our own little space on the RV (yes we can all find a little space inside this 300 square foot beast of a machine for each of us) and enjoyed our meals.

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That blistering hot Wednesday night, we made our way just beyond the Tennessee state line. Fast forward to Sunday evening when we rolled into western Oregon after a “Mar’s-like” drive through eastern Oregon and found a campsite which appeared to have been replicated from my dreams. After roughly 3,000 miles in 5 days, Hudson-Parcher Park, in Rainier Oregon, with its towering pine and cedar trees protecting the grounds allowing the faintest of orange glow from the sun to peek through the branches, looked like heaven on earth to me. It really was the epitome of what I had imagined Oregon to look like…only better. It was everything I had dreamed about. The following day, Monday, we skipped school in favor of playing at the playground, walking along the paths in the park exploring our new home for the following week and releasing our muscle tension. The girls (even Cecilia) met friends and played all day.

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The cool dry air alone was worth the 5 day routine of our “eat drive pee repeat” existence. I’m hooked. Western Oregon has a piece of my heart.

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