ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY ONE…my petal tips are turning brown

It’s official.

We have been full-timers for 2 months and 3 weeks this Friday. We were battling shoddy internet connection for the beginning 3 weeks of August and now (for the past week and a half) we have been waiting for a leaky jack to be repaired. If your thinking “It’s too soon to be having maintenance work on your RV…didn’t you just get the damn thing 2.5 months ago?” You are not alone.

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We have been riding out the rest of the summer at my mother’s house in TN. Nothing against my mom or anything, but this was not in my plan to travel the country. Stagnation is the very antithesis of my current mindset. I wholeheartedly desire forward movement. Progression. Advancement. Forward Momentum.

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I feel stuck in a thick gooey puddle of mud…and it’s a blistering 90 degrees out…and there is not a beach in sight.

In an attempt to make light of our current situation, I often joke with Greg about me being an “extremely rare and strange flower” who thrives on travelling to different areas. Since I am an extremely rare flower who desires outdoors and different scenery, staying in one place for too long can sometimes lead to wilted petals. It makes us both laugh but it reads really lame. At least I think it’s funny.

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On another note: driving from Niagara Falls, NY to Greeneville, TN was an adventure to say the least. Naturally, I of course got stuck with the worst driving conditions. It felt as if the Greek God of driving RVs and Ancient Roman God of weather were working in tandem with Greek God of Road Construction to conspire against me. Clearly, they didn’t think the 36 foot Beast of a Machine with a Jeep in tow was challenging enough for me. They had to throw in torrential downpour for a solid 5 hours of my trip. Then of course heaven forbid the last 3 hours of our trip be nice and calm, we ran into road construction. I spent that time, white knuckling the steering wheel attempting to avoid the skinny traffic cones which were clearly encroaching our lane.

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All in all, a trip which should have taken 4.5/5 hours ended up taking 8 hours. Driving 50 mph in a 70 mph lane was the best I could do to maintain sanity and control of the beast in those repugnant conditions.

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 With all of our Doctors appointments and administrative tasks checked off our list, we are all anxious to return to the road!

BUT the Greek Gods of RV Maintenance clearly have different plans. So we are stuck in TN until our leaky jacks are fixed. UGH!

I miss our RV.  I miss our routines. I miss traveling and most of all, I miss my existence. I’m  a mess without routine and familiarity.  3 days I can handle, 1 week is pushing it, 2 weeks and I’m on the verge of jumping down the rabbit hole and taking everyone with me. It’s official…the tips of my petals are turning brown.

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Ok, rant over.

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