ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY SIX…really real dreams

Wednesday morning July 13, 2:30 am

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WAIT, let me back pedal a little bit…

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 Greg bought (without telling me) a lake-front home on a 5 acre property in Vermont. When I saw the home, right off the bat I noticed it needed a little TLC. But I rarely shy away from an opportunity to make something uniquely mine, so I wasn’t completely overwhelmed. I was thinking, “How am I going to explain this one to my poor mother? I’ve lived at the beach for 4 years. Is it possible for me to adjust to actually having a winter again? Will my friends come and visit me in Vermont? Elena, your game right? Oh my poor mom. Will my siblings visit me? What month is this? Is there still time to enjoy the weather or are we jumping right into winter? Oh man, how am I going to tell my mom?”

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Thinking about my mothers reaction to hearing the news obviously haunted me the most. She has already had to endure me telling her, “Hey mom, I think I want to work on a fishing boat in Alaska… I think I want to go to a private out-of-state-college…I want to do  Outward Bound in Maine this summer…I think I want to drop out of my private out-of-state college my junior year to go live in Colorado or maybe (again) work on a fishing boat in Alaska…I’m going to move to NY…I’m moving home from NY…I’m moving to Memphis…I’m moving home from Memphis……I think I want to go to Switzerland and learn how to blow glass for a living…I’m going to grad school…Greg and I got engaged…(a month later) guess what mom, Greg and I got married!!!…Greg and I are moving to Nebraska…Greg and I are having baby #1 in Nebraska…We are moving to TN from NE…We are pregnant with #2…#3…We might be moving to MI…We are not moving to MI…We are moving to FL…we are selling our home and all of our furniture in FL to travel with the family on an RV full-time…” I’m sure I’ve missed some, but I think I hit on the ones that made the most impact. This was yet another twist in my not-so-straight-path.

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I cannot conceal my happiness.

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I feel so at home in Vermont.

Wednesday morning July 13, 2:30 am

 I woke up, super thirsty for a big ole glass of water.

Oh Damn! It was a dream.


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I drank that big ole glass of water and happily went back to bed, hoping to pick up my dream right where I left off…I desperately wanted to see the house again. I wanted to know what project I could start on first, “I am pretty sure the floors needed to be replaced, preferably with large plank whitewash hardwood, the walls needed some updating, ooh the wooden double front doors with the large clear glass windows I pinned in Pinterest would be perfect for this house…let me see if I can find it…Oh the new stripped rugs from Dash and Albert would look fantastic in the entryway…is there room for a pool in the back…”

I slept sound until 8:30 the next morning.

And to clarify, no unfortunately Greg did not in real-life, buy me a lake-front home on 5 acres of land in Vermont.

Not that I am aware of.

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Just like when I was a little girl my dreams have always been vague in meaning but vivid in imagery.

It was one of those really real dreams.