Oh Vermont.

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There’s something magical about the Green Mtn. State for our family. Everyone’s attitude is better, we are all a little more appreciative and loving toward one another, we spend the majority of our days outside because of the amazing weather, there seems to be bike/walking paths EVERYWHERE, the local restaurant food is always amazing, the people are kind, and the scenery brings me to my knees.

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On Sunday July 10th, we drove 235 miles north from Watertown, NY to Newport, Vermont. When we arrived around 6:00pm, it was monsoon-like weather and there was a fog which spanned as far as the eye could see.

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Even though it was pouring rain and freezing, we hooked everything up, did a little organization and headed downtown for, what ended up being, an amazing dinner at a local pub and grill.

We ordered Abby and Phoebe their first Shirley Temples. As soon as the drinks came out, Phoebe, as usual, knocked hers over and again, as usual, went all over the table…leaking onto Cecilia and Abby’s clothes. I didn’t even blink. I just bounced up with a polyester or some other synthetic fiber napkin (the kind that just moves the liquid around and doesn’t actually absorb anything) in hand and proceeded to scoot all of the liquid and ice to my general direction.

“Well with that out of the way, we can relax” I said to Greg. I wasn’t even mildly annoyed. “Why?” You ask…that’s what Vermont does to me.

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The next day ended up being beautiful, clear, and sunny.  The girls and I peddled our bikes across the 1.5 miles bike trail to downtown and had lunch at the local public yacht club. Again (surprisingly for an outdoor cafe) the food was superb. On our way home we stopped by the local outdoor sports store to pick some things up. When we arrived at the RV we threw on our swimsuits, walked down to our campsite’s lakefront beach and spent the rest of the day playing in the water and building sand castles.

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