ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY FOUR…a Sci Fi comedy kind of field trip day

Cecilia had decided around the 5am hour, that Wednesday, June 6, was not going to be a good day…no matter what. So I thought I would try to test her attitude and torture myself by taking Abby, Phoebe, Cecilia 45 miles north to Alexandria Bay. I thought visiting Boldt Castle would be a good history/geography lesson.

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In the car we were listening to The BFG on which was great because when I took that wrong turn and drove 25 miles in the wrong direction, no one was paying attention enough to say, “hey, didn’t we pass this town already?”

The sun was already out in full force at 9am and the kids had only eaten 1 protein filled breakfast so far at approximately 8:00 am.  Naturally, they were starving.

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While standing in the ferry line, in the blistering sun, CC was screaming at both Abby and Phoebe. When she started running away and laughing, I made the executive Decision to put her in the stroller. Never a good idea if you want to have a good day. She was screaming, sweating and making a huge scene. Abby and Phoebe were whining and telling me how hungry and hot they were ad nauseam. I was 1 scream and whine away from packing everyone back into the car to head back to casa RV but I told myself to problem solve.

I bought the tickets and found some shade for us to sit in while I did my best to rev up the troops. When the ticket man came by, he asked if we had our 1,000 Island tickets. “Hmm…that doesn’t sound right” I thought to myself. 15 minutes and a bucket of sweat later, I worked up the gumption to admit my mistake to the ticket office. I had in fact purchased the wrong tickets. I meant to purchase the castle tickets. Which granted us another 30 min wait time. I have one word: BRIBERY.

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I have stated before, I am not above motivating the Abby and Phoebe to do what needs to be done through promises of sugary snacks and drinks. With that in mind, we walked downtown Alexandria to find the sugary loot during our 30 minute wait time. Treasure trove of sugary goodness was found 3rd store in. A bag of cotton candy, rock candy, banana taffy and a blueberry muffin later, everyone was in better spirits. Sugar, the enemy, can also at times be a moms best friend. 

When we arrived on Heart Island, home to Boldt Castle, the girls walked while I pushed CC up a vertical hill in her stroller. Once we arrived at the entrance, we had to abandon the stroller. I have one more word for you: CRAP.

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Judging by her attitude alone, I knew we were in trouble. As soon as I released the buckle, our own personal purple minion (Cecilia) bolted out of the stroller and underneath our first set of velvet ropes into the “grand ballroom” entrance. And of course the guard swiftly and politely walked over to shut the door as I struggled to bring her back to our side of the ropes. Cecilia screamed out her new favorite phrase, “Your hurting me” as I was gently trying to bring her back to our side. And before you judge, no I did not give Cecilia any of our sugary loot. She’s not a fan anyway. As previously stated, when she woke at 5:00 am she decided this day was going to be our reckoning.

The rest of the tour went much the same way. Cecilia running away from me, me chasing her and picking her up to hold her while she kicks and struggles to get out of my arms.

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Abby and Phoebe luckily were not phased by the purple minions attitude. They were totally into the castle. Phoebe was all about following the map and Abby was enthralled with the romantic/tragic story of the castle.

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An hour and a half later we were back outside buckling CC into her stroller. We headed down to the other structures on the grounds and had a picnic on a grassy shaded section of the lawn. Around 2:00 the girls were ready to hop back into the car to head home. They couldn’t wait to describe all of their adventures to daddy.

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On our way home listening to The BFG, our GPS system (which we have humanized by giving it the name Susan) steered us toward the scenic route home otherwise known as the really really REALLY long way home. What was supposed to be a 45 mile trip ended up being a 90 mile ride through the beautiful agricultural countryside of New York. If you remember we veered of course on the way to the castle as well. So luckily for us, we were able to finish the 3.5 hour audio book in one day.

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That night, we settled down into a nice air-conditioned movie theatre to stuff our faces with popcorn and to watch The BFG. And Cecilia proceeded to fall asleep in my lap. A Hollywood ending to a Comedy/Sci Fi day.


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