We have survived our first rookie Camping incident and lived to tell about it.

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We had plans to head west to Oregon but Cecilia has an appointment in Tennessee to meet her new Endocrinologist in August. So, on Friday of last week, the first of July, we were really itching to go somewhere.

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Rather than waiting around in Tennessee for August to come, we decided to take the beast out! “We don’t have to go to Oregon…we have so many options. Let’s just pick something semi-close” we reasoned.

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“Hey let’s go to NY”,  we said. We weren’t too concerned that we were a mere three days away from the 4th of July, the BIGGEST and busiest summer holiday.

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We made the 12 hour trip from TN to Ny in record time. Greg and I were thinking this camping thing is probably an anomaly. No way are all the campgrounds in the state of New York going to be filled up. We will find something.

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After my 6th or maybe it my 7th call to the local RV campgrounds, their laughter made it very clear we were not going to find any place until after the 4th. So…we boon-docked for a couple of days and checked in to our campground on Tuesday around noon.

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We ended up spending the 4th playing in Lake Ontario in Watertown on the beach. We were able to park our RV in the parking lot of the beach so we could come in for snacks, lunch or naps and then head right back out. Not too bad!

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Basically what I learned from this incident is ultimately I am going to have to become the “planner” I never wanted to be.

At least around summer holidays.

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Lesson Learned…