We never really know the impetus or the catalyst behind some of our personal choices. We can always point to a number of events which ultimately launches a particular course of action.

Especially one with drastic changes.

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I have been mulling over different situations we have experienced in the past 2 years which may have steered us in the direction we now find ourselves in.

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I could blame our situation on the fact that Greg and I were super moody towards one another for multiple months at a time back in 2014. It felt as if we were on the verge of becoming that couple that just “goes through the motions”.

We are both pretty easy-going and rarely argue with one another. So when we do quarrel, it rocks our carefully crafted safe little bubble. That alone, really could have propelled me, or us rather, to make this drastic decision.

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Or it could have been the fact I spent 75% of my time cleaning up the same mess day after day after day. I was beginning to feel as though I was living the movie Ground Hog Day with Bill Murray and Andie McDowell.

I clean one room:

Conveniently finding hidden piles of dirty tiny underpants stuffed under beds and in the crevices between dressers and walls;

A mysterious collection of wet toilet paper globs which, once dried, had taken on the form of a Barbie dolls bust;

Cecilia’s Little People dolls shoved under the playroom table in Leu of the actual designated toy bag which happens to be…beside the playroom table;

Finding my perfectly clean collection of kitchen wash rags gently placed in the doll house so the Barbies can have a cozy place to sleep;

Attempting to clean up chalk bits which had been mashed into the carpet;

Saving the vacuum cleaner after inhaling any of the following: tiny Barbie shoes, stickers, thumbtacks, earrings, necklaces, rainbow loom rubber bands, game pieces, more dirty hidden underwear and of course the once wet now dry hardened toilet paper gown accessories…

while the kids are in the next room dragging out toys and wetting new globs of toilet paper so their Barbies can go to the ball, again. At which point I would be ridiculously frustrated, sweating and yelling, until I eventually drop to the floor in tears. Yes, even as I write now I am motivated to do something completely drastic.

A “take matters into your own hands” kind of mentality.

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 It also could have been that our idea to home school was born out of our desire to travel. And when we began homeschooling 2 years ago, we had only managed to travel 3 weeks out of 24 months. That would certainly make me somewhat irritated, knowing we could have escaped, but decided to stay because we were buried beneath all the Fisher-Price and Mattel debris in the trenches.

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It could have been the personal choice to purchase Marie Kondo’s, ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ in January of 2014. Along with my obsessive 3 month marathon of ‘Hoarders’ that nudged me in the more philosophical direction of “having less” really means “having more”.

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All of the above would be good examples of what drove us to make this decision.

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But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention stress the fact that we both really love to travel…and enjoy adventure and an honest to goodness challenge of organizing a small space enough to fit 5 individuals. Notice I didn’t write ‘cram’ in the last sentence. Marie Kondo and Hoarders really did a number on my psyche.

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Whatever the catalyst or impetus may be, Greg and I decided to sell our old lives of comfort, convenience, familiarity, and space in favor of a more adventurous challenge of…

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…confined spaces, inconvenience, and unfamiliarity to see how long it will take for us to go scratch each others eyes out…or simply buy back our old lives.

We bought ourselves an RV. We are going to tour the country with kids in tow, until we can’t stand one another anymore. It should will be the most challenging tour, jaunt, road trip, trek, expedition (and any other adjective you want to throw in there) we have taken to date.

Wish us luck and follow us along our journey to see what interesting situations we can get ourselves into and how long we last…

week 3…and counting

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