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There is a swing in my in-laws backyard. It hangs from the branch of a hearty oak tree. My father-in-law made it and hung it with industrial sized screws and the girls have been enjoying his labor for 5 years now.

The swing holds many stories of our girls


Like the time Phoebe, at the tender age of  2,  was fascinated and far more interested in pushing it back and forth as opposed to sitting in it. It was going back and forth swimmingly, until she decided to stop the swing with her forehead. The pain she felt from the 4 inch thick seat, physically manifested itself in a rather large pump knot right above her left eye.  From the picture below, it is clear she has conquered her fear of the heavy swing.

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Then there was the time when Cecilia wanted so badly to swing the way her sisters were swinging rather than sitting on my lap. But I felt she was a little too small to sit in the middle and hold onto the ropes which are more than 18 inches apart. Against my better judgment, I sat her on the swing anyway. It didn’t take long for her to realize the uncomfortable feeling of not being able to grasp both ropes. She promplty ordered me to take her off. We continued the rest of our visit with her swinging on my lap. Here we are, 9 months later, and she is  more than comfortable sitting in the center and able to steady herself by clutching the ropes tightly in her little hands. She orders me to push her for 10-15 minutes and then she has had enough. She is soon off to the hammock.

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I cannot forget Abby figuring out how to twist the ropes so she spirals almost out of control as the rope unwinds. She learned how to speed herself up by tucking in her legs  and pulling her arms closer to her side and slow herself down by holding her legs out straight and pushing her arms out to the side. What better way to learn about Centrifugal Force than to experience it first hand. It’s obvious to me, she is becoming quite brave with constantly trying out new positions while twisting the ropes.

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And then there’s my favorite unplanned photogenic moments between sisters. The swing has a way of forcing out genuine smiles and honest laughable moments with their little squeals of delight when the swing twists beyond their control.

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I have recorded many tender moments between Gregory Kenneth and Cecilia on that swing.

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I myself, have moments where I attempt to feel weightless and carefree letting the breeze blow through my hair and onto my face. Not to mention, the times I have used that very swing to mull over thoughts or take a moment for myself.

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This simple swing hanging on this beautiful majestic tree. It serves as a place for us to relax and ponder life’s bigger questions…or just to listen to the birds and watch the squirrels.

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The swing is unfolding into a tradition of sorts for us. Like Cecilia at the wall outside her therapy center; the swing is a constant reminder of how our girls are growing so fast.

And then there’s the hammock.

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That damn hammock. The girls love the hammock because it flips them over as soon as they sit down. Cecilia, not so much. She has a personal goal of finding out how the hammock fits into her world.

She will conquer the hammock before we end this trip…we all will…or we’ll flip over trying!

Most likely we will just flip over.

But the swing never disappoints.


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