“Own it” is a phrase I have heard repeatedly since my college years. I usually hear it in reference to something abstract…like, “Own your sadness/happiness” “Own your mistakes” “Own this time in your life.” Well what the hell does that mean?

I have brown curly hair that has a mind of it’s own. How do I “Own” that statement? Can that statement be “owned”? What does it mean to “Own” something that is not concrete? It’s true…I am a classic over packer. Just by stating that, does it mean I am “Owning” it?

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We have an adventure awaiting us and as I stated in my previous posts we are staying with my mom for a couple of weeks until we can put our adventure into motion.

I packed all the girls school stuff in boxes and stored them…

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I made provisions for Abby and Phoebe for a six-week period…and filled their backpacks with enough work to keep them busy during this time. But it’s different for Cecilia. She learns mostly through fine-motor manipulatives and is not quite ready (developmentaly) for coloring or any activity which involes worksheets. Rightly so, she is only 4 and a majority of her learning takes place through play.

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The task of packing even some of the fine motor manipulatives she would need for an extended period of time (6 weeks) is overwhelming. So I thought, “My mom has stuff…(not to mention, people, including members of my own family, make fun of my packing issues) I will just use what she has… AND I won’t have to hear anyone say anything about my…issues.”

I have two words

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Having a toddler without developmentally appropriate stimulation and an over-abundance of free time is a recipe for disaster. It certainly makes for long days and destructive behavior. Intellectually, I know this but I lost sight of it in all the whirlwind of visiting family and getting ready for our big adventure. I went against my  classic over-packing instincts and in doing so, put Cecilia and myself in a very precarious position.

Finally at 39 years of age, I think I finally understand what it means to “Own” these abstract concepts.  What I should have done, was to do what I always do: pack way too much for Cecilia to do, to keep her busy and most importantly learning, reaching for that next level and just shoved it in the car. Yes I have a tendency to “over pack”, owning it would mean I would admit it, accept it and do it.


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Luckily, there are an abundance of parks in the area, it’s nice weather outside so we can explore our surroundings, we have turned her doll playing into a form of school and we are getting pretty creative with our letter work. I didn’t “own” myself this time. Lesson learned. All hail to the over packers of the world…JUST GO WITH IT!!! Let everyone make their little remarks, but in the end, we are usually prepared for damn near anything!

Own It!

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