ONE HUNDRED SIXTY FIVE…this southern girl is feeling appreciative

Crisp cool evenings165 f (1 of 1).jpg

chilly air wafting through the house at night through the open windows

165 e (1 of 1).jpg

the constant smell of freshly cut grass

blog 164 c (1 of 1).jpgthe constant sound of birds of different species singing to one another in all their different languages

the tall majestic trees

165 g (1 of 1).jpg

the sight of moss-covered rocks

165 b (1 of 1).jpg

my kids running around in and out of the house in their pajamas all morning

165 c (1 of 1).jpg

the sweet melodic (occasional consonant dropping) tone of friendly people greeting me as I walk by

165 d (1 of 1).jpg

the mouth-watering rich taste of barbecue and it’s sidekick the perfect southern accompniment to any meal, the ever-addictive sweet tea

165 o (1 of 1).jpg the smell of wood burning in a fireplace early in the morning

165 n (1 of 1).jpgseeing family members looking and living well

165 i (1 of 1).jpgseeing barns in open fields

165 j (1 of 1).jpgdriving through long winding roads
165 k (1 of 1).jpg the smell of coffee first thing in the morning

165 r (1 of 1).jpg

gorgeous bellowing white and pink dogwood trees that line friendly neighborhood streets

165 h (1 of 1).jpg

and dark gloomy rainy days like today

165 l (1 of 1).jpg

These are just a few things I am appreciating while visiting family in Northeast Tennessee.

11 thoughts on “ONE HUNDRED SIXTY FIVE…this southern girl is feeling appreciative

    • I love talking shop! Those 3 lenses are insane! I am debating on selling my sigma 85 art for the Canon 85 1.8. Just not what I was hoping for. I had originally saved for and intended to buy the 85 1.2 but I allowed myself to be persuaded to go for the new sigma art line. Ugh. So disappointed. I too am thinking another 50. I had both the 1.8 and 1.4. Sold both.

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