ONE HUNDRED SIXTY ONE…go to sleep brain!

I have been having issues falling asleep lately. I used to go to bed early, wake up early to watch my news programs with my cup of coffee followed by a run and a quick shower all before anyone else was awake. It was glorious. I would have been ok had the routine kept going…but knowing me, change is inevitable. Now I have trouble going to sleep at night and am enjoying sleeping in until Cecilia yells at me in the morning.

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I read an article about how reading on a tablet at night stimulates the brain and instead of relaxing the brain in preparation for sleep. So I thought I would give up reading the news on my phone/tablet in favor of a better nights’ sleep. Instead, I would immerse myself in the world of print. I love the weight of a book in my hand and gain a real sense of accomplishment when I see how much I have read versus how much I have left to read…all that good stuff. Not to mention it is much more effective (when it falls on my face after dozing off) in waking me up. A phone that weighs a mere 3/4 ounces versus a 300 page hardcover book…really, there is no comparison.

So when I stumbled upon author Malcolm Gladwell in the bookstore, I made the impulse decision to take the plunge. I have been hearing his name a lot lately and did a little research. After 2 nights of reading, I am hooked. My brain hurts while reading him. I can feel my neurons working overtime up there. I thought Malcolm Gladwell might help me get back into the swing of things but he is just  proving to make my little ole’ brain pump some iron.

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SideNote: It is so odd listening to my collection of music over the past decade. I began this post with a rediscovered love of Led Zeppelin, ventured over to some Jeff Buckley, DMB, English Beat, Kings of Leon, Postal Service and then something very strange crept in…the soundtrack of Beauty and The Beast…with Angela Lansbury serenading me. I fast-forwarded to a more “appropriate” tune and made a mental note to make a separate playlist for the girls and “update” my playlists. And now we are back on track with Eric Prydz updated version of Steve Winwood’s classic hit ‘Valerie’. 

Back in the ZONE…

So I believe part of the problem with my sleeping issues as of late may have something to do with my latest issues concerning ‘free-time’ also known as ‘me-time’.  And I am listening to Beauty and the Beast once again. It is such a bizarre mix of music. I find myself getting into a groove of writing and then poof, a quiet intro of symphonic ray of light permeates my ears and Gaston’s voice bellows in….and I am sucked out of my trance.

Oh the joys of having ADD…and an ADD Playlist.

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So the whole ‘difficulty getting to sleep’ issues are directly linked to my lack of free/me time during the day. Another side affect of homeschooling…but one I am willing to deal with. I am in search of change yet again. We have plans for change as a family, one we have been working toward for the past 6 almost 7 months now. But our plans are based on a series of events that we need want to take place before we implement anything…in other words, it’s out of our control. It’s such a struggle, for me at least, to maintain the status quo of everyday existence knowing any day we might be able to realize our crazy dreams. Staying up late to have some quality “me-time” is probably my way to balance out my inability to control our situation.

When the time is right our dreams will one day be a reality.

In the meantime I am relying on Gregory Kenneth (as always), Malcolm Gladwell, Pandora, the rigors of the girls education, friends, perceived free-me-time and my music collection to provide my brain with distractions.

Maybe now wasn’t the best time to pick up Mr. Gladwell’s provocative and persuasive ‘Outlier’.  It’s filled with the juicy theories which fuel so many interesting conversations between Gregory Kenneth and I. I am dog-earing page after page so I won’t forget to share everything I am reading in the morning…and it’s all I can do not to wake him from his peaceful slumber to bombard him my 1 am useless information babble.  On the one hand I am glad my brain is getting a good jolt of stimulation, but at this point I would compare Malcolm Gladwell to a tablet…

Go to sleep brain!!!


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