ONEHUNDRED FIFTY THREE…our polite dictator

I have contracted the same fever and general achiness the girls had last week. In an effort to keep them occupied and entertained I took them to a movie yesterday afternoon.

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It’s  hilarious to take all three to a movie. They all get their own small bag of popcorn and thanks to my friend Elena, we now smuggle in 4 small bottles of water. Abby sits in the first seat with her bag of popcorn (which looks appropriately proportioned to her small/medium frame) both feet barely touching the floor. Then there’s Phoebe in the middle with her bag of popcorn (which is a little big for her small frame) her feet dangling somewhere in between the seat and floor. And then there’s Cecilia sitting next to me on her little seat box with her bag of popcorn (which is enormous for her size) and her feet coming to the edge of the seat.

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Cecilia is doing some funny stuff right now. She is so bossy. She’s always been pretty bossy, but lately Greg and I have to keep her in check or she will run all over her sisters. Of course both Abby and Phoebe deal with the bossy-ness by locking her out of their room. It works quite well. Cecilia will stand at the door and cry until they let her in or she will come and get me. Then we have to have the talk. You know the one…where I tell her if she’s mean, her sisters won’t want to play with her. Again, I am amazed at how well It works.

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So we were all sitting in the theatre and I reached my hand into Cecilia’s popcorn and grabbed a small handful. She swiftly removed the bag and said, “no thank you Mommy!” With that lower lip curled up onto her top lip and her brow furrowed, I knew she meant business. Phoebe leaned over Cecilia and handed me 3 small kernels. I gave her kisses and made a big fuss over her thoughtfulness. Cecilia saw Phoebe’s act of kindness and the attention she received.  She wanted in on the action. She too handed me 3 small kernels and, smiling at me, eagerly awaited her kisses and accolades.

153 13.jpg153 1.jpg 153 12.jpg

Even when she is clearly copying her sisters for attention, her kindness makes my day. And maybe it’s a good thing she keeps us all in check with her dictatorship so that when she is spontaneously nice to us, it’s that much sweeter.

153 5.jpg

At least she’s polite when she gives her orders.

She’s our polite dictator.

153 9.jpg

At least we don’t have to worry about Cecilia’s ability to take up for herself.

153 15.jpg 153 14.jpg

AND Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month!!

I’m going to eat this child!!!!

2 thoughts on “ONEHUNDRED FIFTY THREE…our polite dictator

  1. It makes my day to find a post from you. All the girls, seated in order, their bags of popcorn increasingly larger in comparison to their body size and Cecilia’s “No thank you Mommy.” All gold Angie.

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