ONE HUNDRED FIFTY ONE…dancing and driving

Super Soaker…when I hear this song by Kings of Leon, I have an undeniable need to get up and start jumping up and down while throwing my limbs into space in a most chaotic manner. Certain bands/songs make me want to dance. The girls feel the same way. We will be having dinner and Phoebe will hear a Katy Perry song. She absolutely cannot remain seated. She busts out of her dinner chair and runs over to the center of the kitchen so she can be closer to the speaker. What can I say…when a Spranger has to dance, a Spranger has to dance.

Blog 151 aWe drove back from our 3 week hiatus to Michigan and Tennessee today. As much as I love where we live, I had this insatiable desire to continue driving but changing our direction from southeast to west. I want to go to California, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, New Mexico…in that order. I want to spend as much time in those areas as we can. And then I want to drive on over to the Adirondacks again. And then on up to Vermont and Maine. I always love travelling to Mackinac Island in Michigan. I wonder what it would be like to spend an entire summer on an island with no cars. We would just ride our bicycles or walk everywhere. I could spend a summer in Mackinac. I am not made to stay in one area for a prolonged period of time. I believe it damages my psyche.

Blog 151 cI am in ‘fall mode’ right now. I want the cool weather, leaves changing color and falling in heaps on the ground, the sweet-tart smell of apple cider filling the crisp air and the sun peeking through a cloudy sky. I have a great memory of Greg, Abby, Phoebe and myself (pre-Cecilia) roaming the downtown streets of Asheville, NC in the fall. We stopped into this little brewery and sampled a fall family favorite: Rueben Sandwich with a nice cold beer. It was a glorious day. We visited some amazing galleries, bookstores and an always favorite The Mast General Store. Whether it be Boone, Banner Elk, or Asheville I don’t consider a trip to NC complete until we stop by the MGS store which holds so many wonderful childhood memories for me. Unfortunately we did not make it to the beautiful state of North Carolina for a visit this time around. When we passed through, we simply said, “Hello North Carolina…Good bye North Carolina”.

Blog 151 d

Speaking of being in fall-mode, I am dangerously close to visiting a craft store. And that is never a good idea. And on that note, I will end this incredibly mundane post with a song that is sure to inspire chaotic jerking movements which may or may not resemble dancing. In-Flight Safety and their song Animals. Listen to it…if you aren’t inspired to jump up and make a fool of yourself, then we do not have the same musical taste.

Blog 151 g

Which is totally cool.

Blog 151 gbetter-2
Onward Ho

Blog 151 e

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