One week ago Sunday, we drove 1,490 miles north to Traverse City, Michigan. I needed to get out of Florida’s extreme heat of 90 degrees and above. I dragged my family of five (kicking and screaming) and our dog up to the ‘frigid’ north hoping for a cool 65/68 degrees. Instead we find ourselves in the late 70’s to mid 80’s. But the sun is shining, the wind is rustling the trees, the cool breeze is kissing our skin and flowing through our hair. Not-to-mention the fresh air. The girls and I have been having school outside. Something we definitely cannot do in FL this time of year.

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I find myself in a very unique situation. My camera’s memory card is full, my laptop’s start-up disk space is full, and my phone can’t take pictures because…you guessed it, the whatever you call it space is full.


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This is truly uncharted territory. I am overflowing on all of my tech gear with images of our daily existence and I am unable to do the very thing which brings me the most peace.

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I cannot open any applications on my computer because my disk space is “critically low”, I cannot delete the items on my ‘hard drive’ because my disk space is “critically low”, I cannot transfer items to an external hard-drive because my disk space is “critically low”. How am I supposed to delete anything to make more space, if ‘deleting’ anything is not an option due to the “critically low” space?

My patience with this computer is “CRTICALLY LOW”!!!

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I would ask for Greg’s help (because he is in the tech field and might be able to give me some good ideas) on how to tidy up my “critically low” space. But he deals with technology all day everyday. I know he does not want to walk away from work only to work on his wife’s computer. I can figure this out! This is gong to be a challenge. An exhilarating challenge! I accept the terms and conditions of this technological challenge and I will see you an entire hard drive disk space filled up with over 100,000 raw picture files. I am playing for and dedicate all of my winnings (hard drive space) to all the moms’ out there who find the term “critically low” particularly annoying!


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