ONE HUNDRED FORTY SIX…side affects of cleaning a home

I believe I have some sort of physical aversion to performing household chores.

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After Greg and I eloped 11 years ago and moved in together, I was cleaning up one day. I went to shake out our bathroom rug and threw out my back. My chiropractor said it was probably best if I avoided such activities as vacuuming, mopping and definitely no more shaking out rugs! Well gosh, that’s terrible (wink wink)! To this day, if I engage in such activities, my back seizes up. Unfortunately I have to do those things. So here I am, a 38-year-old mom of three, who has to lay down immediately after such strenuous activities to let my back rest. Not exactly the kind of woman I had imagined myself at a ripe 38 years of age.

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Which brings me to last night (Sunday) I was on the floor using the magic eraser to scrub off marks left by our piano bench. While I was scrubbing one area, I caught a glimpse of the floor across from me. I noticed the beautiful sunsets rays were shining in through the window onto the floor and revealing the same marks in our breakfast nook. I quickly crawled over and began scrubbing them away. Upon finishing up with my once white magic eraser (now completely black and barely together) I tossed it into the garbage. Soon after I went to bed and read for a good hour and a half and eventually fell asleep. When I woke up this morning, my thumb was completely swollen. I can barely bend it, it is unbelievably sensitive and of course has a bright red target which only children can see.

I don’t know what happened. My only assumption is that I hyper extended my thumb while I was using the Magic Eraser.

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And there ya go…a complete physical aversion to cleaning my house. My body is telling me, “Stop cleaning up! You are going to hurt yourself!” While I cannot sit back and let my house get swallowed up by the dog-hair tumbleweeds that are currently rolling around the floors, I am a little scared about what could possibly happen to me if I attempt to bend over, extend my arm and pick one up.

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Basically the household chores are attacking the body parts I use to function on a daily basis. With my thumb in its current state, it is incredibly difficult to change a diaper, pick up a child, put a child in a high chair and especially a car seat, and forget about writing legibly. And quite possibly the most annoying thing about this thumb thing is that I am unable to put my hair in a ponytail.


Alright…I give. In my past life I must have punished someone by making them clean incessantly. Therefor my payback is to constantly feel the pain (when cleaning) I inflicted on   this poor soul. I would like to issue a formal apology and send it into the void.

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Now I really must get back to folding my 3 stacks of laundry at the laundromat.

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