ONE HUNDRED FORTY ONE…click click click


There are crabs EVERYWHERE!


blog 140 c.jpgWe are being invaded by blue crabs.

Everywhere you turn in our garage, I hear this click click click sound of these little crustaceans scattering for their lives. Currently we have 4 large blue crabs in our garage. Well, actually 6 if you count the 2 dead ones wedged between the garage door rails that no human can get to. I would gladly sweep them out, but there is a ledge which prevents them from being freed. It’s beginning to stink up the AREA in question. And of course, with it being August…the heat is only helping to enhance the smell.

I was out in the garage Monday morning setting up some large ticket items to be taken to the Salvation Army, as I was re-arranging Cecilia’s pack and play a large blue crab scurries (sideways of course…which in itself is hilarious) across the floor to our old double jogger. As he is fearing for his life, living moment to moment in search of hiding places that will keep him safe from the ruthless humans, I am very aware and in favor of his desire for anonymity.

He is clearly as scared of me as I am of him…but then again, he is running sideways. So how scared can I be. I apologize to all the scientists out there who are giving their careers to the study of crabs. I wish I had it in me to pick one up and help him find his freedom outside the confines of our cluttered existence. But after one of the guys bit (excuse me Mr. Crab Scientist Man) pinched one of our neighborhood friends and drew blood, I don’t feel confident in my abilities to handle such a ferocious beast.

But I am growing weary of the smell of dead crustacean carcass (was that redundant) in my sweltering garage. At this point, our garbage smells better than the carcasses.

Fast forward to Cecilia’s therapy this Wednesday morning as we were getting into our car and this nice young gentleman says, “Excuse me, ma’am, but you have two really big blue crabs right underneath your cars blar blar blar.” He didn’t say, “Blar blar blar”, but I couldn’t quite make out his last words. We then spoke for 3 full minutes on the crabs’ frustrating tendencies to invade our living spaces. As I was putting my car in reverse, I secretly thought to myself, “Maybe if I run these little guys over, the ones in the garage will know that I mean business and scurry away.”

Oh the troubles one has when living in paradise.

click click click

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