ONE HUNDRED FORTY…our own personal lotto ticket

When we had Cecilia, it was almost as if we had a new lease on life. Our luck changed. Our outlook on life changed. Our priorities changed. She brought something different to the family. More than the joy of babies, she brought fresh perspective and gave us courage to try new things. Because of her, I see and look at things in a different way. I never would have experienced this level of awareness had Cecilia not been who she was. We are indebted to her for so many things, but the main thing being; teaching us what’s really important in life.

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Throughout the past 4 years I have come to know what makes her tick. I must say given her genetic makeup, it’s no surprise. What she craves most is human interaction. Howard Gardner has done significant research in the field of human intelligence. He has come up with the theory of multiple intelligence; in short, we all have a natural innate ability to learn in a certain way.

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We all have a little bit of other intelligences, but my strength is bodily/kinesthetic. I learn best through doing. I believe Abby is visual/spacial, she learns best through observation. Phoebe, as far as I can tell, oddly enough is logical/mathematical, the jury is still out on that one considering she is not the most logical child I know. Greg is logical/mathematical for sure. Cecilia is interpersonal; she learns best through working with people.

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I have observed over the past 4 years, that her social emotional intelligence far exceeds other children her age. Combining what I know of her interpersonal intelligence along with her social emotional intelligence, I have found that when I spend time with her, it’s easier for her to pick up a new activity with success. That is assuming the activity in question is developmentally appropriate. When I invest in her, she gives me everything; she is more compliant, she works harder to  accomplish a goal or task, and her attention to the activity in question is unparalleled.

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When I am too busy with laundry, cleaning or whatever else I bombarded with that day, she is less compliant, acts out and absolutely will not give her attention to anyone or anything for any period of time. I have been doing little experiments to test my theories. When I invest my time in her, she is a rock star at therapy. She works harder and again, her awesome attention span is always the center of conversation with her therapist. When I am rushed in the morning, for whatever reason, her therapy sessions are a struggle and the therapist almost always address her ‘attention span’ as a problem that day.

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Some might say I am manipulative; but as my brother would say, “I am not being manipulative but rather opportunistic!”

I am going off on this tangent because yesterday was Cecilia’s 4th birthday. Wow, I cannot believe I just wrote that. My baby girl is 4. I am overwhelmed with love and adoration for this little girl. She is a life changer.  I believe she is helping us to become the people we were meant to be. Because she is who she is (with her interpersonal/social emotional) intelligence) she has taught us that people, relationships and the experiences we have with one another are what help us to grow.

blog 140 d.jpg blog 140 b.jpgHappy Birthday to our own personal lottery ticket! I hope this is the best year yet!

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